Top 10 Memes to Send to Your Crush

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While you could just tell someone you have a crush on them, it’s somehow cute and sweet to let them know with a meme. But, which meme? While there are endless options, start with this lists of memes to send to your crush to let them know you’re interested. Of course, sending them a meme of something you know they’re interested in, such as a funny The Office meme if they’re into that, always works too.

Not ready to confess your undying like to your crush? Then share your suffering of repeatedly dying in Elden Ring with these relatable memes.

1. Cutie Pie

Sometimes, the best meme to send to your crush is simple, agonizingly sweet, and a little bit of a pun too. This cutie pie meme is hard to beat. After all, it has four great kinds of pie, including one representing your crush and the best pie of all – cutie pie.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Cutie Pie

Yes, it’s corny, but it’s also super cute. If you want to get the point across without confessing your undying love, this is the meme to use. If you already know they love pie (and who doesn’t), bonus points!

2. Morpheus Thinking About You

Who better to tell your crush that you’re into them than Morpheus? Of course, Laurence Fishburne is awesome even when he’s not playing the epic Morpheus in The Matrix. But, the point is, it’s a geeky and fun way to let your crush know that not only are you thinking about them, but the thought of them makes you smile.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Matrix

If it gets a good response, use it as segue to ask them out to a sci-fi or action movie. Maybe even a Matrix binge session so you get extra time with them.

3. Acute Angle/Angel

On a geeky site like this, geeky crush memes are a must. And, it’s hard to get geekier than a math meme about acute angles. Yes, it’s a tired joke, but math geeks will always giggle over a well made acute angle pun.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Math

Send this meme to your crush to let them know you know the difference between acute angles and a cute angel like them. The bad joke will make them laugh, groan, and text back and equally bad meme in return.

4. Dwight Thinking About You

There’s always a perfect The Office meme for any occasion. This includes memes to send to your crush. And, who better to let your crush know that they’re always on your mind than by saying it with Dwight Schrute. Make sure they actually understand the reference or it could seem a little creepy, just like Dwight.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Dwigth

If they do get it, they’ll love you for it. Just expect plenty of The Office memes in return. Once you start with this theme, it’s hard to stop.

5. Police

Sometimes, someone is so cute that it’s got to be a crime, right? Why not mix a cringe worthy pickup line with a meme to get someone to fall for you? This is exactly what this meme about the police arresting someone for being too cute is all about.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Police

It’s adorable and a great, albeit corny, way to let someone know you’re into them. If they start laughing and send something back, then you know they’re the one for you.

6. I Like You More Than Cookies

Could there be a more sincere declaration of like than saying you like someone more than cookies? Use this meme for only the most serious crushes, or just those who have an insatiable sweet tooth. After all, once you say you like them over cookies, they’ll probably just assume any cookies you try to eat together are all for them.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Cookies

Of course, Rapunzel’s wide-eye innocent expression is priceless too. That’s what really sells the entire phrase and may just make your crush like you too.

7. Marvel

Want your crush to know that you truly understand what you’re getting yourself into? Then just send her this Marvel version of the classic six-paned meme. Go from Gwen Stacey to Steve Rogers with Thanos as her father, Hulk as her first love, Bucky as her ex, and Thor and Loki as her brothers.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Marvel

Any guy that’s willing to handle family and exes like that is definitely worth keeping. The bravery it takes for him to send that meme to let you know he likes you may mean you have your very own Captain America.

8. Spongebob

Liking someone is one thing, but having to actually leave the house and go on a date? That’s just too much. Now, imagine finding someone who feels the same way. Test the waters by sending your crush this Spongebob meme that says you like them, but just hate going on dates.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Spongebob

Maybe you could skip the whole first date awkwardness, binge some anime or classic monster flicks at home, and order pizza. It’s simple, cheap, and you don’t have to get dressed up or try to pick the perfect restaurant.

9. I Kinda Like You

Want to fully commit to liking someone, but not fully commit at the same time? Then one of the best memes to send to your crush is this I Kinda Like You definition meme. It says everything you’re afraid to say, such as what you actually mean when you say you like someone.

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Kinda

Sure, it’s terrifying to say you’re madly in love with someone who doesn’t even know you like them, but it’s one heck of a way to break the ice. If you’re ready to go all in and see if that special someone likes you back, send this one.

10. Adorable Kitten

Afraid your crush won’t like you back? Just send them the most adorable kitten ever that’s also wearing a super cute hat. You have to be absolutely heartless not to respond to that meme. If the image of a big eyed kitten saying “I like you” doesn’t melt their heart and make them instantly fall for you, are you really sure they’re worth crushing on?

Best Memes To Send To Your Crush Cat

For any cat lover or lover of anything adorable, look no further than this meme for to reveal your feelings to your crush.

Nothing quite fit what you’re looking for here? Then use these tools to create your very own meme.

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