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Dying can be an exhausting affair in Elden Ring. Especially if you keep hearing the words “I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella” for the one thousandth time. In moments like that, sometimes you just need a break. To help recover the tattered remains of your sanity, we’ve collected some of the best Elden Ring memes. Hopefully after a laugh or two, you’ll feel ready to jump back into the Lands Between.

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“I am Malenia”

As the youtuber Swagapagos Turtle has shown, Malenia breaks conventional boss fight rules. This has made her one of the most difficult bosses in the history of Soulsborne games. But along with those irritating mechanics, she reaches a special level of obnoxiousness when she reminds you that her name is Malenia and that she’s the blade of Miquella every single time she kills you.

Thankfully, if you’ve been struggling against this boss, there’s a hero out there who can help you.

The Legend of a Community Hero

Let Me Solo Her became an overnight sensation when he started soloing Malenia (Blade of Miquella) for desperate Tarnished who couldn’t defeat the red-haired menace.

Since then, his popularity has only grown. He was featured at Twitch Rival’s 2v2 Elden Ring tournament where he effortlessly completed a no-hit Malenia fight live on stream. He also streams his many exploits on YouTube as well. As of May, he has beaten Malenia over 1400 times.

Every Legend Has Their Copies

The popularity of Let Me Solo Her has led to a few spin-off parodies. Each one are glorious memes in the Elden Ring community in their own unique ways.

The ones featured in the image are the following:

  • Let Me Date Her brings Varre’s Bouquet into the Malenia fight.
  • Let Her Solo Me dies to Malenia as fast as possible.
  • Let Me Solo Me uses seppuku to kill themselves.
  • Do It Yourself just hangs out and watches all the chaos unfold.

Tick, Tick, Comet Azur

If you read our article on the best Sorceries, then you’ll remember Comet Azur. It’s the sorcery that, with the right setup, turns bosses into ashes in a matter of seconds. Here’s a great example of that.

While the rest of us sad melee builds have to learn complicated things like patterns, parry timings, and how to use the arena to our advantage, magic users just have to setup their spells and then blast their targets back into the shadow realm.

Lobster Battle

Your first trip into Liurnia is a traumatizing one. Sure, there are a few Albinaurics who will be cartwheeling around you and one huge dragon for you to slay. But the real monster of this land are these eight-legged assholes.

Passing by their sight lines is like running into Liam Neeson in the film Taken. It doesn’t matter how much you swerve or dodge. They will find you, and they will shoot you. As you can see from the clip, fighting them up close is sometimes a painful ordeal. To add insult to injury, according to this post, they’ve been blasting piss at us. Seriously, what jerks.

Lost and Found

That feeling of dodging the boss while maneuvering yourself to recover your runes is iconic to the Soulsborne series. This short clip captures that vibe perfectly.

You’re Fired

This is probably one of my favorite meme builds in Elden Ring. The idea is simple: light yourself on fire and run at enemies. It looks ridiculous, but it has to be one of the funniest ways to play the game.

If you wanted to increase the damage from lighting yourself on fire, use the Fire Scorpion Talisman, Golden Vow, Rallying Standard, and the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear. You should come close to 19 damage per tick. It’s not the most effective way to deal damage, but it’s certainly one of the funniest.

Trash Panda Plays Elden Ring

Ah yes, roll spam. The surefire sign that everything has gone wrong and the only option left is to roll enough times to get the hell out of the situation that messed you up in the first place.

I’m glad to see that raccoons are starting to use this amazing survival technique.

Dog Tier List

During your adventures in the Lands Between, you may find yourself asking “what is the best dog in the game?”

Well worry not Tarnished, because u/SWAGilicous has us covered. He’s made an amazing tier list that is 100% accurate. I know because Pope Dog is in the highest tier while vanilla ‘dog’ and Balidd are A-tier. This list is infallible after that.

A Hoonter Must Hoont

Bloodborne hunters are terrifying. They’ve slay eldritch abominations, hunt otherworldly gods, and feast on blood to heal themselves. While our Tarnished is by no means a pushover, the Hunters from Bloodborne just seem to be on another level of brutality. Unleashing them on the poor souls in Elden Ring would be quite a sight to see.

Posture Check!

Rya is one of the sweetest NPCs you’ll meet in Elden Ring, but her spinal alignment and neck look atrocious. It makes you wonder if it’s just a byproduct of her being part snake or if she’s just spending too much time on Minecraft.

Remember everyone, good posture while you’re playing games will help you avoid the dreaded gamer neck.

The Game Awards

Elden Ring’s soundtrack is amazing, but is it good enough to get the “Best OST Award” at this year’s Game Awards? We’ll have to wait and see in December when the Game Awards return. Whether it wins or not, it’ll still be hilarious to watch the community explode for either outcome.

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