Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Featured

As one of the most popular sections of Reddit, Am I The Asshole subreddits are funny, cringeworthy, and may make you second guess the future of humanity. But, whenever you’re feeling a little down or just want to prove your mistakes aren’t that bad, visit AITA to see the latest screwups. Plus, you get to be a judge as to whether the poster is in the right or wrong.

While you’ll find plenty to laugh at here, check out the funniest subreddits for hilarious animals, memes, and the crazy things that happen when beer’s involved.

1. Pretending to Get Fired

For anyone who’s ever worked a retail or customer service job, you know that sometimes customers blow up over nothing. They just seem to come in looking for a fight and the silliest thing will set them off. For instance, picky people complaining that hot coffee is too hot.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Fired
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In this AITAH thread, a high schooler helps customers see there are consequences to their temper tantrums. When a customer complains about their coffee not being hot enough, the boss pretends to fire the employee right in front of the customer. Of course, it’s just a joke and the employee isn’t fired, but the employee’s joy over seeing the customer backtrack and apologize is priceless and hilarious.

By the way, the poster was voted as not the asshole.

2. Never Ask What’s in the Food

You should always check out the Top post section when reading Am I The Asshole subreddits. You can find some funny gems, such as obvious brats freaking out over supposed “peasant food.”

The poster thought they were doing something nice by fixing tacos for their housewarming party. They used beef tongues and cheeks based on a recipe their grandfather used to make. Everyone loved it. So, what’s the problem? How could anyone possible be the asshole for serving delicious food?

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Cow
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Well, one guest loved it so much they begged for the recipe. The poster declined at first, but ultimately shared. That’s when the guest freaked out that they were served disgusting peasant food. No one else cared, but that guest is still treating the poster like crap over it.

Verdict – definitely not the asshole. The guest on the other hand gets that honor.

3. An Apple A Day Drives Everyone Away

While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a specific diet, such as vegetarian or vegan, we all know those people who take it too far and have to constantly make a scene about it. In this AITA thread, the poster declares himself an “appletarian.” As you might guess, this means he only eats apples and apple-based foods.

It’s important to know upfront that he started this as a joke and fully committed to this for three weeks. Apparently, his friends and girlfriend didn’t really know how to take a joke as they actually staged an intervention for him.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Apples

His girlfriend really didn’t appreciate it and dumped after he asked a waiter for apples because he was an appletarian. She was just so embarrassed she couldn’t stand to be with him. If she’s that easily embarrassed, she’s probably got a lot of breakups in her future.

But, despite a prank gone wrong, Redditors agreed he wasn’t the asshole and even praised his commitment. Others said he was a little bit of an asshole and definitely should apologize for worrying everyone.

4. The Great Window Escape

Hate it when someone tries to control your love life? So did this Redditor who took a more extreme approach to escaping an uncomfortable situation. The poster starts by describing the situation. After four years together, the poster’s fiancé cheated on him. He never told anyone else that’s why they broke up and neither did she, so everyone, including his own family, blamed him for it.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Bathroom
Image source: unsplash

The fiancé has been talking to the guy’s mother ever since, attempting to reconcile. The mother surprises the guy by inviting the ex-fiancé to Christmas Eve dinner. So, instead of making a big scene and feeling emasculated over being cheated on, he climbs out the bathroom window.

It really does feel like a holiday comedy movie more than something that actually happened. But, the poor guy’s mom still chooses the fiancé over her own son. I think we can all agree that the ex-fiancé and mom are the assholes in this case.

5. Mother-in-Law Troubles

One of the worst parts of getting married is dealing with horrible in-laws. Sometimes, you get lucky, but this Redditor definitely didn’t. Her mother-in-law just doesn’t respect personal space and uses her emergency house key to let herself in whenever she wants, even if they’re not home.

The poster goes on to say the mother-in-law has even walked in on the couple multiple times in NSFW situations. But, that hasn’t stopped her.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Keys
Image source: unsplash

The wife finally got her chance to get a little privacy when they bought a new house. After lots of nagging, she finally gave the mother-in-law an emergency key. Little did the mother-in-law know, it was a fake. At Christmas dinner, the mother-in-law caused a scene about it.

While most of the family found the woman’s tantrum funny, the husband and his sister are angry with the wife. Reddit agrees – not the asshole.

6. The Mooching Sister-in-Law

In-laws really are the worst sometimes. This Redditor got tired of his sister-in-law always “forgetting” her wallet every time they all went out to eat together. The sister-in-law always wants to go to nice, expensive restaurants whenever she visits and expects the poster, not her brother, to pay for everything.

Of course, this is on top of her staying with the couple during her visit. After making yet another reservation at an expensive restaurant, the poster tells the sister-in-law that she’s not paying for her dinner yet again.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Wallet
Image source: unsplash

So, as they’re leaving, she goes back inside and grabs the sister-in-law’s wallet out of her room and takes it with her. Then, when the bill arrives and the sister-in-law claims she “forgot” the wallet, the poster hands it over. Of course, the sister-in-law pitches a fit.

Sure, it might have been an invasion of privacy, but the sister-in-law’s been invading the poster’s wallet for way too long.

7. Babysitters Deserve Higher Pay

Often, the funniest Am I The Asshole subreddits aren’t the posts themselves, but comments. In this case, a 24-year-old being asked to babysit and demanding fair pay turned into a roasting of parents who expect everyone else to care for their kids for little to no pay.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Babysitter
Image source: pexels

The woman’s cousin has three kids and was staying and the poster’s parent’s house for the holidays. The poster does freelance work and was planning on working through the holidays while spending time with family. The cousin asked the poster to babysit her three kids for three full days so they could do other things. All the poster asked was to be compensated fairly for her time as she’d be babysitting more than working.

While she normally gets paid $60 for her freelance work, she dropped her rate to $35/hour for babysitting, which the cousin freaked out over. Apparently, the girl was suddenly too young and too stupid to deserve high pay. Numerous babysitters agreed that parents really need to start paying better or stay home with their own kids.

8. Payback Is a Transparent Bikini

Has anyone ever played a horrible joke on you and you wish you could get revenge? This Redditor definitely got her revenge. The poster’s friend got her a cute bikini for her birthday and made sure she cut off all the tags. That’s a big red-flag something’s up, but the poster didn’t think about that.

Shortly after, the poster went to the community pool with some friends. Imagine her surprise with the bikini went from cute to transparent. The poster laughed it off and planned her revenge.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Bikini
Image source: unsplash

At her friend’s house a while later, she suggests getting in the hot tub with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend. Of course, she wears the transparent bikini and acts like nothing is wrong as the boyfriend takes it all in.

Her friend gets pissed, admits that it was a joke bikini, and yells at the friend. Her reply, “I’m just wearing my birthday gift.”

9. Underwear and Cheating

While some of the funniest Am I The Asshole subreddits usually turn out to be “not the asshole,” sometimes the poster actually gets rated as the asshole. Most everyone agreed that the poster was a justified asshole and the whole thing is hilarious.

The father was sick of his daughter and her fiancé living with them and had already given them a move out date. While his daughter was doing laundry, she found some panties that weren’t hers. Instead of the father saying that those were the mother’s panties, he didn’t say a word.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Underwear
Image source: pexels

The daughter accused the fiancé of cheating and they got into a huge fight. The mother came in, said the panties were hers, and thought it was just a funny mistake. Of course, the daughter now hates the dad. Sure, he probably should’ve said something, but if the daughter immediately jumped to the cheating conclusion, it’s probably a relationship issue and not the dad’s fault.

10. Respect My Privacy Or Else

One thing you learn from reading AITA posts is privacy should be respected or you might not like what happens. This Redditor got sick of his roommate’s girlfriend always barging into his bedroom to ask him questions, such as whether he wants coffee or not in the mornings.

Funniest Am I The Asshole Subreddits You Have To Read Sleeping
Image source: pexels

While he gets along great with the girlfriend, he’s repeatedly asked her to knock, especially since he sleeps in the nude. Yet, she keeps barging in without knocking.

To teach her a lesson, he slept on top of the covers one day and when she came in, she saw the full monty. Now the roommate is angry and is telling everyone he’s a perv. All the guy wanted was a little privacy. Knocking on the door isn’t the difficult.

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