Starved of Laughter? These are the Funniest Subreddits Out There

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Featured

Memes, people screwing up in absurd ways, and awkward situations are just the kind of things you need to brighten up your day. Everyone needs a good laugh and Reddit is the perfect place to get your daily chuckles. These are funniest subreddits around, and we implore you to make them part of your daily routine.

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What’s funnier than animals doing silly and stupid things? Just visit r/AnimalsBeingDerps for endless laughter and cuteness overload. Don’t be surprised if time disappears as you scroll through endless hours of cats, dogs, birds, and more doing ridiculous things.

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Animals Being Derps

Go from a fierce little kitten to a derpy bird hanging upside down from a sheet. Or, fall in love with a puppy completely freaked out over fizzy water. With new posts added daily, there’s always something to laugh at. Or submit posts of your own pet to make them an online celebrity!


When you’re feeling bad about yourself, just visit r/FacePalm. While there’s the occasional downer post, almost all of these are funny fails, such as Miss Universe stepping on her dress and showing everyone her thong. It’s a fun community showing off human stupidity and random fails that you can’t help but laugh at.

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Face Palm

Feeling bad about not going to the gym? Use this example of a guy who has no clue how to use a treadmill as your reason. It’s also fun to see social media posts of when people are proven epically wrong, such as this first-world woman getting owned by much more intelligent a third world refugee.


Want a smorgasbord of fun? Look no further than r/Funny. You’ll find a little bit of everything here, from comics to random videos and everything in between. While it might not all be your cup of tea, the variety makes sure you’ll never get bored. You’ll probably also find yourself relating quite a bit to some of them, such as this one about seeing a car carrier on the road.

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Funny

Of course, you’ll find plenty of funny animal posts here too, such as this monkey cutting a backflip. Don’t worry, this isn’t a subreddit about memes. In fact, memes aren’t allowed. Neither is politics. Just good clean fun.


Ever done anything stupid after a few beers? Then you’ll feel right at home, or at least feel better that you haven’t gone quite so far as the people in the r/HoldMyBeer subreddit. This community is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the idiocy that comes from one too many drinks. For example, why wouldn’t you try flying off a roof with an umbrella like Mary Poppins?

Most of the content is SFW, though there is some NSFW language. There could be some minor injuries now and then, but nothing serious. It’s all in good fun and shows what kind of bright ideas happen when you’re drunk, like playing golf on ice.


Can’t get enough memes? Make r/Memes your new home on Reddit, which is – as you may have guessed – nothing but memes. There are clear rules about what types of memes are allowed, such as no reaction memes, which usually aren’t nearly as funny anyway. You’ll only find images and GIFs, no videos. Expect to find classics and current pop culture, with new memes added every day.

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Memes

For instance, there’s a funny meme accurately describing the battle between eating healthy and eating what tastes great, while this one definitely sums up the Internet’s reactions after the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar slap.

r/Startled Cats

If you’ve ever been left with tears running down your face laughing at a cat terrified of a cucumber, then you’ll see that r/StartledCats is one of the funniest subreddits out there. It’s an endless stream of cats being startled by random things, from bathtubs to other cats on TV. And, it’s not just house cats, either. For instance, this adult snow leopard being startled by a kitten.

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Startled Cats

If you have cats yourself, you already know how easily they startle. It doesn’t take much at all, even a simple hair brush is absolutely terrifying. The good thing is this all in good fun. No videos or images of cats in actual distress or being injured are allowed.


You’ll need your sound on for the r/ContagiousLaughter subreddit. This one is unique as it’s more about the laughter itself than anything funny going on. If you’ve ever started laughing just because someone else was, this is the subreddit for you. As the name implies, laughter really can be contagious. Don’t believe it? Give it a try. After watching a few of the videos, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get a serious case of the giggles.

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Contagious Laughter

Sometimes you’ll get an entire group of people laughing, like in this video that gathers weird laughs together. It can also be a great place to find about so bad they’re good sci-fi movies, like this poor guy howling over Velocipastor.


If you’ve ever seen a building, room, poster, or anything else and thought “what were they thinking?” then r/CrappyDesign is a must visit subreddit. It’s all hilarious design fails, such as this wall hanging with a fork that says “enjoy every spoonful that life dishes out.”

Starved Of Laughter These Are The Funniest Subreddits Crappy Design

Be prepared to see human-defying designs, such as the weird position of Waldo’s hand. Not only are they funny, but you’ll be shaking your head wondering how anyone didn’t notice the fail before going ahead with it. For instance, this e-sports cafe with what looks like baby gamers being hung from the ceiling.

A good laugh is only a subreddit away. If you need even more laughter, check out some of these buddy cop and 80s comedy movies that are always great pick me ups. Of course, British comedy shows never hold back either.

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