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The Best List Of Subreddits That Are Worth Checking Out Featured

Reddit is a user-driven community filled with amazing content, if you know where to look. The massive social network is divided into subcategories, called subreddits, and there’s one for most any and every topic imaginable. If you’re new to Reddit or just looking for something interesting to check out, start with this list of subreddits to help you learn new things, explore favorite topics, and so much more.

Think lizards are telepathically controlling our toes or that the Pyramids were planted there by aliens? Then check out this list of the best conspiracy subreddits.

Finding Subreddits on Reddit

Before I dive into some of the best subreddits, let’s take a look at how to find subreddits. The search box is the best place to start. You’ll not only get a list of posts, but potential communities/subreddits. Plus, there are entire subreddits devoted to helping you find the right subreddit for you. As you can see, the community really can be incredibly helpful.

Try these subreddits as a starting point for exploring more of what Reddit has to offer:

Also, if you find a subreddit you like, check the related communities list on the right side of the page. This is a great way to find even more you might like.

Movie and TV Show Subreddits

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  • r/NetflixBestOf – Discover the best things on Netflix. There are also subreddits for most streaming services. If you’re having a hard time finding things on Netflix, try these secret codes.
  • r/FanTheories – Not every movie or TV show is as simple to unpick as your typical Marvel film, and this subreddit is a great place to try and unpick the more cryptic films out there. It’s not all super-serious though, as demonstrated in this very elaborate thread theorising about Paw Patrol.
  • r/Television – The latest news and discussion about TV shows. Chat about upcoming seasons, news about TV show renewals, and reminisce about classic old shows. Sometimes actors even pop on here to do an AMA!
  • r/Movies – The latest movie news and discussions.
  • r/MovieSuggestions – Looking for movies similar to a certain interesting film you watched? Or want specific criteria like ‘a comedy older than 10 years old that most people have forgotten about?’ Set your criteria and watch the suggestions come rolling in.
  • r/TrueFilm – Discuss movies in-depth, including fan theories.

Music Subreddits

The Best List Of Subreddits That Are Worth Checking Out Movie

While there’s a subreddit for most TV shows, movies, and musicians/bands, this is a more general list of subreddits for discussing, TV shows, movies, and music. To find much more niche communities, just search for your favorite show, movie, artist, actor, etc.

  • r/Music – Share new music, check out videos, and get music news.
  • r/WeAreTheMusicMakers – Are you a musician yourself? Want to talk to fellow creatives about your process, inspirations, and tips on making a living off it? This is the place.
  • r/MusicNews – The latest music news and new release info.
  • r/ListenToThis – Find new music from lesser known artists.
  • r/NameThatSong – Heard a catchy tune on an advert or YouTube video? Or perhaps you can accurately describe in words how a song sounded? If so, then throw it out to this community to see if they can help you identify it.

Gaming Subreddits

List Best Subreddits Gaming

Subreddits and gaming go together like Super Mario and Princess Peach (though admittedly we don’t actually see those two spending a ton of screen time together). Here are the best ones to find like-minded gamers:

  • r/gaming – The most popular gaming subreddit around. Plenty of funny memes, big questions like ‘What’s the most stressful sound in videogames’ and nostalgia. With over 30m members though, you might struggle to get your voice heard!
  • /retrogaming – Like the title says, this is the home or retro gaming, and at 235,000 members it’s a pretty intimate community as subreddits go! Lots of pics of retro console setups, old games collections, rare retro games, you name it.
  • r/games – At 3m members, this subreddit is still big but a bit more refined than r/gaming. There’s news about games releases and the industry here, graphics comparison videos and some deeper discussions too, like ‘which open-world games have the best side content?
  • r/tipofmyjoystick – Ever played a game whose name you totally forgot but you kind of remember how it played? Well, describe it as best you can on this subreddit and watch the community get to work. It’s fun to just scroll through and watch the community figure a game out before the original poster excitedly confirms that they’ve nailed it!
  • r/truegaming – Deep discussions and a distinct absence of memes and goofy things, this is the subreddit for people who want to dig deep and analyze games.

Food Subreddits

The Best List Of Subreddits That Are Worth Checking Out Food

Love food? So do Reddit users. Whether you need cooking tips and recipes or see hilarious food fails, this list of subreddits has you covered:

  • r/Cooking – Anything and everything related to cooking.
  • r/CookingForBeginners – A helpful community for new chefs.
  • r/Food – Share successes and failures while getting great new ideas.
  • r/Recipes – Find and share new recipes (filter posts based on what you like, such as desserts or vegetarian).
  • r/15MinuteFood – Recipes that take 15 minutes or less.
  • r/HealthyFood – Learn how to eat healthier.
  • r/AskCulinary – Get more expert answers to cooking questions.
  • r/BudgetFood – The name says it all.
  • r/FoodFails – When cooking doesn’t go well at all.
  • r/GIFRecipes – Recipes in step-by-step GIF format.

Technology Subreddits

The Best List Of Subreddits That Are Worth Checking Out Tech

Learn about the newest innovations and IT headaches by checking out these great tech subreddits:

Lifestyle Subreddits

The Best List Of Subreddits That Are Worth Checking Out Lifestyle

From lifehacks and motivation to fashion and fitness, there’s no shortage of lifestyle subreddits to choose from. Share and get valuable advice to make your life better with this list of subreddits:

Learn New Things Subreddits

The Best List Of Subreddits That Are Worth Checking Out Learn

Love random trivia and facts? What about learning a new hobby? While this could easily be a massive list of subreddits, I’ll just stick with some of the most useful:

To learn more about a particular subject, simply search for it, such as learning to draw.

Memes, Videos and GIFs Subreddits

The Best List Of Subreddits That Are Worth Checking Out Meme

You can’t visit Reddit and not get lost in the vast sea of memes, videos and GIFS. While you’ll find both in most every subreddit, this list of subreddits features nothing but memes, short videos, and GIFs:

Take a weekend or even a week and dive into all the various subreddits available. If by some chance you find a topic that doesn’t have a subreddit, create the community yourself.

You can also check out some really weird subreddits if you’re looking for something quirky, or even our list of subreddits where you can get involved in crime-solving!

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