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Get Your Tinfoil Hat On In These Conspiracy Subreddits Featured

Do you believe the moon landing never happened or that the CIA was behind JKF’s assassination? Conspiracies are everywhere – you just need to know what to look for. Luckily, these conspiracy subreddits are the perfect place to discuss theories and introduce new ones. Some are heavy on politics, while others ban political conspiracies, so you can pick and choose which subreddits work best for you.

While many people think paranormal stories are just silly stories. You might be gathering proof that obscure paranormal stories are actually real. Try out these paranormal podcasts to start your research.


Avoid the massive political circus by joining r/ConspiracyNOPOL, which stands for Conspiracy No Politics. You’re free to discuss most conspiracy theories, except US presidential and domestic politics. Aliens, fake news, astrology – it’s all here! The community welcomes both sides of the argument, so whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, feel free to join in on the discussions.

Get Your Tinfoil Hat On In These Conspiracy Subreddits Conspiracy Nopol

Dive into conversations about the community being used as part of a government surveillance project. Or, discover the truth about the increasingly unstable weather the world’s been having. After reaching 50,000 members, the admins created the Conspiracy NOPOL Discord for even more discussion.


Whether you’ve got a major conspiracy theory to share or want to explore some of the more out-there theories, give r/ConspiracyTheories a try. As one of the larger conspiracy subreddits, there’s always something to talk about. There is one major rule – be civil and respectful, even if you don’t agree. Overall, discussions here tend to stay that way, which is a pleasant surprise given how impassioned people get!

Get Your Tinfoil Hat On In These Conspiracy Subreddits Conspiracy Theories

The community tackles all types of conspiracies, from government to entertainment and everything in between. For example, do you think TikTok’s algorithm is hurting youth IQ in the United States? Or help debunk outrageous conspiracy theories like this one about all the stars being replaced by satellites.


Love your conspiracy theories with actual facts to back them up versus just theory? Then, r/ConspiracyFact is the one. The goal here is to avoid more speculative theories and instead focus on those with substantial evidence. While they might still be debunked at some point, there should be enough proof and facts to warrant a serious discussion.

Get Your Tinfoil Hat On In These Conspiracy Subreddits Conspiracy Facts

The main downside is there is a huge focus on politics, such as this conversation about Trump asking Putin for dirt on the Biden family. If you don’t mind politics, then you’ll love this community. Of course, there are also vaccine conspiracy theories, such as this one about COVID vaccines changing DNA. Right now, the community is still small – around 12,000 members – so you actually have a better chance of having your voice heard.


Welcome to the free-thinking, open-minded conspiracy community r/Conspiracy. As the largest conspiracy subreddit, it’s the home of in-depth discussions about any and all conspiracies. There is even a list of related conspiracy subreddits if you prefer more specific conversations, such as WikiLeaks (conspiracy fact rather than theory!), UFOs, and 911 truths.

Get Your Tinfoil Hat On In These Conspiracy Subreddits Conspiracy

Discussions aren’t always quite as civil here and often lean more political. However, it’s not all about politics. For instance, see how a wrestling expert ‘proves’ the Will Smith and Chris Rock slap was completely fake. Or discuss whether it’s unusual that 60% of fourth graders in one classroom identify as LGBTQIA+.

You have to have been a Reddit member for at least two months before you can join. In the meantime, join the probationary conspiracy subreddit r/Conspiracy_Commons. It’s possible to have the two-month limit lifted if you do well in this community.


The r/ActualConspiracies subreddit isn’t just about theories. It’s about proving the existence of real conspiracies. This is why there’s a strict posting template to ensure you include all relevant details to make it easier to ferret out the truth. There are several rules to keep in mind. First, no “batshit crazy” conspiracies (which is obviously very subjective). Second, this isn’t the same as r/Conspiracy. It’s only for real extant conspiracies – not general or opinion-only theories with no solid evidence.

Get Your Tinfoil Hat On In These Conspiracy Subreddits Actual Conspiracies

As theories are proven, they’ll be marked as ‘Confirmed’, such as this one on Russia controlling many of the top Facebook pages for Christians, African-Americans, and Native Americans. There’s also one on how mask mandates actually work, but health officials tried to keep this information away from the public.

It’s a community that takes its job seriously. So don’t join unless you’re ready to back up your wildest theories.


Much like r/Conspiracy, r/ConspiracyII focuses on all types of conspiracies. It’s a much smaller community, though, with just over 35,000 members. You should have some sort of evidence to support any theories you post or at least have a solid argument when you present a question about a potential theory. You’ll also find related subreddits in the Other Resources section to discuss more specific conspiracies.

Get Your Tinfoil Hat On In These Conspiracy Subreddits Conspiracy Ii

While politics are big here, there’s also a lot of paranormal and alien conspiracies, such as this one about an Area 51 scientist. You can also check out this conspiracy about a possible cult under the Denver airport.

If you’ve got the skills to uncover conspiracy theories, put those skills to the test with these crime-solving subreddits. Or if you’re convinced that AI is a massive conspiracy, check out these AI chatbots to see just how human they might seem. In between discussing conspiracy theories, binge watch these John Carpenter movies.

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