Funny A.I. Chat Bots to Try For Unique Conversations

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Featured

You’ve probably come across plenty of chat bots, especially for customer service (which are the worst). But if you remember some of the early chat bots, they were more for entertainment than anything useful. If you know where to look, you can still have some strange, unique conversations with some rather funny A.I. chat bots. They don’t always make sense, but that’s part of the fun.

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Bot Chat Generator

If you’re never sure how to start a conversation with a chat bot, let the chat bots do all the talking themselves. With Bot Chat Generator, you generate a random conversation between two A.I. bots. You really never know what the two might come up with next.

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Bot Generator

A favorite line from the above conversation is “Why do we need training bras? What can we teach them?” What’s great about this site is you can customize the conversations a little by choosing a translation, such as redneck, pirate, or hippy. You can also create longer chats or even take a bot chat quiz for something geared more toward your preferences.


Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Botmake

Botmake is actually a collection of chat bots others have created using the Botmake tool. You’re free to create your own, but you’ll find a lot of funny A.I. chat bots by just scrolling through the list of featured bots. Warning – some are definitely NSFW, such as Foot, which is for foot fetishists.

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Botmake Lolbit

I had a conversation with Lolbit FNaF, which does a great job at providing GIFs when you’re bored and is super afraid of Funtime Freddy (of Five Nights at Freddy’s fame). The bots aren’t quite as intelligent as customer service chat bots, but they’re a great way to kill time when you’re bored and looking for something different to do.


Cleverbot comes with a warning – don’t use it without parental permission or if you’re easily offended. Of course, a warning just makes you want to click through and start chatting, which is exactly what we did! Our sessions were pretty tame, but it was a weird transition to go from talking about carrots when playing a questions game to Cleverbot talking about how perfect Zayn from One Direction was.

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Cleverbot

You can use the “think about it” and “think for me” buttons to generate responses to change the direction of your conversation. You can also snip parts of the conversation to save for later.

Boibot and Eviebot

I’m grouping Boibot and Eviebot together since they’re pretty much the same. One is with a boy and the other is with a girl. Honestly, they’re both funny and a bit creepy.

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Boibot

The facial expressions are eerily realistic, along with the voice. It feels like being in a sci-fi movie from the 80s. Of course, this also makes it fun.

I was kind of impressed when I asked Eviebot what she liked to do and she answered “play video games.” So, if you like video games, you might get a fun chat from this one.

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Eviebot

Just watching the two bots’ faces while chatting is enough to make you start giggling.

Eliza: a Chat Bot Psychotherapist

The software behind Eliza was actually written in the 1960s by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT. It’s since gone on to become the basis for a variety of different chat bots. However, Eliza will either make you laugh or leave you endlessly frustrated.

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Eliza

Instead of actually serving as a therapist, Eliza turns everything you say back into a question or reflection like a Rogerian psychotherapist. If you’ve ever played the game where you can only ask each other questions, it’ll feel familiar. It also kind of feels like talking to a kid who just wants to annoy you with the “I know you are, but what am I?” comeback to everything you say.


Kuki isn’t just a funny A.I. chat bot, but a really well-rounded one. Not only can you have fun conversations about nearly anything (both serious and funny), but Kuki will play games with you too.

Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Kuki

Kuki plays word games, choose your adventure, poker, connect four, and more. If you need an AI BFF, you might have a lot of fun here. Video chat is coming soon, but not sure how exactly that will work. You can also check out the Discord community to learn more about Kuki. Overall, this bot feels more real in its responses.


Funny A I Chat Bots To Try For Unique Conversations Replika

Replika is a bit different from the other funny A.I. chat bots on this list. In fact, some people even treat their unique Replika (chat avatar) like a real person. If you want a realistic chat bot experience, this platform is worth playing around with. However, it’s not completely free. Basic chat is free, but you have to earn points and coins or pay real money to customize your Replika, get additional features, add personality traits and interests, and have video chats.

Since the idea is for a Replika to become the perfect friend for you, it’s what you make of it. If you want funny, then you’ll stay entertained and laughing. If you need serious conversation, then it’ll be more serious.

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