Best Paranormal Podcasts to Freak Yourself Out

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The paranormal is something that has always intrigued humanity. Ghost stories have manifested themselves in both modern and historic societies in one form or another. There is just something captivating about listening to a spooky story that gives us chills and brings us back for more.

It’s with little wonder then that listening to paranormal occurrences through a podcast is able to capture the same age-old magic of oral ghost stories. In that way, podcasts are the perfect medium to delve into the paranormal and these are the best ones to truly freak you out.

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1. The Dark Paranormal

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One of the best paranormal podcasts you can listen to, The Dark Paranormal recounts stories from every corner of the paranormal world. This includes listener stories, haunted history, disturbing urban myths, and unsettling true crime.

Best Paranormal Podcasts The Dark Paranormal

The first few seasons focus on larger, more well-known paranormal events like the Bell-Witch case, while the later seasons (starting from season 8) are a mixture of listener stories and well-known paranormal events/locations.

Personally, I love the storytelling in each episode. Host Kevin Eustace has a lilt and tone to his voice that makes binging through episodes of the Dark Paranormal an enjoyable task. As a person who listens to a lot of dark podcasts, his voice is a welcome change of pace that presents information in an immersive way while also being easy to listen to despite the heavy topics.

2. Real Ghost Stories Online

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If you are looking for a daily dose of the supernatural, check out Real Ghost Stories Online. A new episode comes out each day and features ghost stories told by real people with host Tony Brueski.

Best Paranormal Podcasts Real Ghost Stories Online

Listening to people tell their own paranormal tales is a bone chilling experience, doubly so if you’re home alone while an episode is playing. Suddenly, every sound makes you jump. The stories include almost every paranormal activity such as supernatural investigations, haunted houses, shadow people, and possessions.

If you have a spooky story, you are invited to call in and share your story with the podcast!

3. Haunted Places

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If you are looking for a once-a-week scare, check out Spotify’s podcast Haunted Places. Host Greg Polcyn takes you on a weekly journey through the world’s most famous locations. Each episode visits a different haunted location and retells the fascinating and real history behind why it’s haunted.

Haunted Place Podcast Cover

Greg Polcyn narrates each episodes with a blend of history and legend, taking you through a guided tour of the supernatural (and natural) history behind the myths.

4. Ghost Town

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Ghosttown Podcast Cover

The really cool thing about Ghost Town is that one of the hosts, Rebecca Leib, has experience as a haunted house tour guide. Her insight, combined with the chemistry of her co-host, Jason Horton, makes this a fun and spooky one to listen to. It explores conspiracies involving the paranormal and occult. They release two episodes per week for your entertainment.

5. The Last Podcast on the Left

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The Last Podcast On The Left Podcast Cover

If you are looking for hosts that are super passionate about their material, check out The Last Podcast on the Left. The unique thing about this podcast is that it brings in a bunch of dark humor. There are also three hosts who talk about haunted houses, small-town murder mysteries, and true crime. There are weekly episodes that can last anywhere from one to two hours, along with additional side stories, so there is plenty of content to get you going. Even though they are big on humor, they show how well-researched their topics are as well. The latest episodes include “Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo,” “Creepypasta,” and “Sip the Straw.”

6. Unexplained

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Unexplained Podcast Cover

If you want your paranormal dose twice per week, check out the podcast Unexplained. The haunting stories will leave you shaken and unsettled, which is really the point. This one highlights strange and mysterious real life events that defy explanation. Part supernatural, part mystery, this podcast will intrigue and disturb you. The podcast is story-based and mixes narrative, history, and ideas into a spooky package.

7. Dark House

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Fans of both architecture and horror are going to love this podcast. Dark House is another intriguing paranormal podcast that has a unique take – it tells the horrifying history of haunted buildings by featuring the house and its geographical location first before diving into the spooky tales of what happened there.

Dark House Podcast Cover

Hosts Hadley Mendelsohn and Alyssa Fiorentino explore these beautiful homes and retell each location’s dark history enough wit and charm to bring even the oldest ruins back to life. The podcast also features guest interviews with authors, psychic mediums, set designers, and paranormal investigators to add some additional perspectives to the show.

8. Lore

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Lore has made a name for itself as one of the best and longest running paranormal podcasts. It explores the odd occurrences in history that walks the fine line between paranormal events and peculiar oddities. Host Aaron Mahnke is a world class storyteller and the awards Lore as accumulated over its (at the time of writing this article) 211 episode life span is proof of the quality in this podcast. It is the winner of the iTunes “Best of 2015” & “Best of 2016.” It also won the “Best History Podcast 2016” by the Academy of Podcasters.

Lore Podcast Cover

You can enjoy tales of tragic events, mysterious creatures, and unusual places twice every week. Aaron Mahnke’s deep dive into these grim tales shows that sometimes truth can be more terrifying than fiction.

9. Ghostlore of Hawaii

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Ghostlore of Hawaii shines a light on everything terrifying or supernatural in the paradisaical islands of Hawaii. Uncle Jared guides his audience through Hawaii’s rich paranormal history and brings the rich, seaside culture to your ears with a fright and a charm that few podcasts can match.

Best Paranormal Podcasts Ghostlore Of Hawaii

Episodes of Ghostlore range from short stories written by Jared himself, coverage about a popular haunted spot in Hawaii to urban myths and, recently, UFOs. Ghostlore is thorough with its paranormal coverage despite how narrow it’s niche is, and it’s at its best when Jared lulls his audience into his unique retellings of tropical horror stories.

10. Haunted Road

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Join Ami Bruni, who was the star of the hit TV shows Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters, as she covers supernatural locations from across the world. Ami’s narration bring your ears and imagination to haunted areas from around the world and lets you experience the tragic history that’s led to the location we see today. In effect, this podcast almost feels a weekly haunted tour guide.

Best Paranormal Podcasts Haunted Road

But one of the reasons this podcast stands out from other paranormal history podcasts is how Ami tells the story of each location from a human perspective first. This makes it feel more like you’re enjoying a character-diven plot rather than just dry history.

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