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Reddit has spawned its own special kind of community where there’s a subreddit for anything. And, if it doesn’t exist, create it and people will come. While some are fairly normal, such as discussing politics, news stories, or even finding jobs, do a little more digging and you’ll find some extremely weird subreddits that make you wonder why they exist and how they’re so active.

Want to explore some of these for yourself? Explore this list, but don’t be surprised if hours go by without you even noticing. Also, you’ll likely find some random NSFW posts in these so, you know, don’t say we didn’t tell you so.


Weird and experimental, like a fever dream where you’re stuck in a Windows 95 screensaver maze with all the wall, floor and ceiling textures randomized. Before Reddit’s revamp, Ooer was committed to messing around with the CSS tools on the site to look as bizarre as possible (you can still visit the original Ooer here).

Weirdest Subreddits Ooer

These days, r/Ooer is a little bit more tame though still committed to strange posts, terrible spelling and grammar, and weird surreal memes that probably won’t be understood by the regular reader but are still kind of compelling to behold.

Former Pizza Huts

Pizza Huts are kind of distinctive, most notably for their hut-shaped roof. That means that when a Pizza Hut closes down and another business takes its place, you can kind of tell that the Pizza Hut used to be there. Don’t believe us? Then head over to r/FormerPizzaHuts!

Weirdest Subreddits Formerpizzahuts

For years, this sit has been filled with people sending pictures of buildings that are former Pizza Huts. There’s even a stickied ‘Identification Guide’ that helps newcomers identify the site of a former Pizza Hut (which, beyond the aforesaid roof, comes down to the “keystone-shaped windows with a trapezoid-shaped glass pane and a solid panel underneath, with triangular parts of the wall separating the windows from one another,” among other things.

The subreddit is charming in its banality, and is popular enough that we imagine the day people stop posting to it is the day that all Former Pizza Huts in the United States (and perhaps beyond) have been accounted for.

Is Eric Wearing Shorts Today

Minimal, sweet and simple, r/IsEricWearingShorts started out as a joke between some friends but turned out a vibrant subreddit absolutely committed to answering the key question every day: Is Eric Wearing Shorts Today?

Weirdest Subreddits Isericwearingshortstoday

There are no pictures to support the mods’ answers every day – just a simple Yes or No – so perhaps you could question the integrity of the whole thing. But given Eric’s commitment to keeping the subreddit going for three-and-a-half-years (he only recently announced that his daily posts would be coming to an end), you can bet that it’s all legit.

Even though there won’t be any more posts from Eric, the subreddit is an interesting rabbithole of in-jokes, songs dedicated to Eric, and even a couple of competing factions – the ATL (Anti-Trouser League) and the ECA (Eric’s Choice Advocates). In short, it’s been a weird ride.

Wolves with Watermelons

r/WolvesWithWatermelons should give you faith that truly anything in the world is possible. Some people question why wolves would be interested in watermelons, but the answer to that is obviously “because they’re sweet and tasty”. The real question is how come so many people have access to wolves tame enough to eat watermelons out of their hands?

Weird Subreddits Wolves With Watermelons

And perhaps these questions will never be answered – nor do they really need to be. There’s something sweet and endearing about watching these powerful creatures happily chomping away at something red and juicy that isn’t some poor elk.

The subreddit isn’t as lively as it used to be, but remains a great archive for its topic of choice.

Faces in Things

Some things you just can’t unsee, and once you’ve spent 10 minutes or so obsessively scrolling through this subreddit your eyes will be attuned to all the things out in the world and nature that inadvertently look like faces. Meet r/facesinthings.

Weird Subreddits Faces In Things

Some are hilarious, others (like the one pictured) are kind of demonic, while some things are admittedly a little bit tenuous and clearly only look like something to the photo taker.

It’s compelling viewing, and perfect if you’re looking for some time to kill.

Have We Met?

Go onto this subreddit, and everything seems kind of normal, even mundane in a small-town gossip kind of way. There’s talk about what’s showing at the local cinema, and even a dedicated newspaper – The Morning Mallard – that goes over the big events of the day.

Weird Subreddits Morning Mallard

Here’s the thing though: The r/HaveWeMet subreddit has the vibe of a small-town Facebook group, but it’s actually all made up! Notice that there is no actual town that the subreddit refers to – it’s just one big improv roleplaying session.

So be prepared to see some strange stuff on there. Invites for the community to come eat Marshmallow Rice Krispies, strange requests for dog blood, and a fictional mayoral campaign all feature…

Weird Subreddits

If you want to explore posts from a variety of weird subreddits, check out r/WeirdSubreddits. It’s exactly what you think it is. Users share some of the weirdest subreddits they’ve come across and promote random ones they’ve created. At the time of writing, there was one dedicated strictly to Walmart’s Great Value products, another that just posts memes to see if users can guess what the subreddit is about, and another that bans you for commenting.

While new posts and comments are closed now, it’s also worth checking out this post or this post asking about weirdest subreddits that gathered thousands of comments.

Deep Into YouTube

14 Really Weird Subreddits You Wonder Why They Exist Youtube

Want to mix Reddit and YouTube? Try out r/DeepIntoYouTube. Enjoy some of the most random YouTube videos with absolutely no theme. It’s strange, yet weirdly fun.

World Problems

Love all those first world problem memes? Then you’ll love all the parody subreddits. The list continues growing and is already past 20. Try these out to get you started and then just keep exploring:

Subreddit Simulator

14 Really Weird Subreddits You Wonder Why They Exist Simulator

Who needs humans when you have AI? Now, Reddit creates its very own posts thanks to bots. What makes r/SubredditSimulator one of the more weird subreddits is it’s often hard to tell the difference between bots and humans. And yes, there are some incredibly random posts here. Another version, r/SubSimulatorGPT2, does the same thing, but even better.

Bread Stapled to Trees

If you’re asking yourself “why,” posters will probably just respond with “why not.” Browse through numerous posts of bread literally stapled to trees in the r/BreadStapledToTrees subreddit. Poor pieces of innocent bread are stapled to all types of trees, including buns, slices, and even tortillas.

Mildly Interesting

14 Really Weird Subreddits You Wonder Why They Exist Mildly

If you’re bored, but not too bored, you might prefer something mildly interested, but not too interesting. That’s exactly what r/MildyInteresting gives you. I did find some mildly interesting posts about calculators, bugs, and mosaics, so it is worth exploring.

What is This Thing

Found a thing, but have no clue what it is? Maybe other Reddit users can solve the mystery. Just post in r/WhatIsThisThing or help others uncover the names and purposes of random things they’ve found.

Screaming Fish

14 Really Weird Subreddits You Wonder Why They Exist Fish

With so many weird subreddits, sometimes it’s hard to find the weirdest, but r/ScreamingFish definitely qualifies. Enjoy pictures and videos of fish with their mouths open. While they’re not actually screaming, users love pretending they fish are all screaming or yelling at each other. There are even discussions about exactly what the fish are so excited and angry about.

Birds With Arms

Okay, so I might be guilty of laughing way too hard at r/BirdsWithArms. Yes, it’s a weird subreddit and has no reason to be as distracting and hilarious as it is. The gifs are the best, but the creativity here deserves a quick look at least.

Where Did the Soda Go

Love the cheesiness of infomercials? Imagine those turned into snarky, nightmare versions and that’s what you get with r/WhereDidTheSodaGo. If you like weird, dark humor, you’ll feel right at home with this subreddit.

Long Furbies

14 Really Weird Subreddits You Wonder Why They Exist Furby

What if Furbies evolved and turned into a strange Furby/snake hybrid? Let’s find out. One of the many weird subreddits that make you wonder why its even a thing, r/LongFurbies answers the timeless question of Furby evolution. Yes, it’s weird. And yes, there are instructions for evolving your own Furby if you still have one.

Trees Sucking at Things

Trees might be great at standing tall, having leaves, and providing shade, but they really do suck at other things. What other things you ask? According to r/TreesSuckingAtThings, they’re not great a getaways, wearing clothes, and hiding their resting “birch” face.

Reddit is a such a wonderful weird place. Search for any interest or strange thought and you’ll likely find a subreddit for it.

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