Top Memes To Win An Argument

Memes To Win An Argument

We like to think the internet was invented for cerebral reasons. Scientific advancement, global communication, the advancement of nations, technology, and society. Nobody could have envisioned that the true purpose of an ability to engage in instant global communication and collaboration would result in the creation of memes.

We jest, but sometimes you can’t beat a good meme. Never is that more true than when you’re amid an argument and need a drop-the-mic way of winning. Here are our top picks for memes to win an argument in style.

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1. You Must Have A Lot Of Friends

The Willy Wonka meme is almost enough to win an argument on its own. That facial expression says it all: I’m amused by your stupidity, I’m superior in every way, I don’t even care if you agree I’ve won, I know I have, your opinion is irrelevant.

Willy Wonka Meme To Win An Argument

This adds a poignant point about using yelling as a strategy in the absence of intelligence. It follows it up with a cutting put down about a person’s absent social skills. Suddenly you have a mic drop that’s difficult for anyone to come back at without sounding like even more of an idiot.

2. Sometimes You Just Need Morgan Freeman

Sometimes you will realize that, no matter how hard you argue the point, you’re never going to win. Not because you’re wrong or not smart enough to outwit your opponent, but because you’re faced with such an overwhelming level of stupidity that reason and logic can’t possibly prevail.

It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.

Morgan Freeman is the perfect delivery method for the announcement that you’re ending the argument. Not because you’re wrong, but because it’s reached a point of such stupidity it’s beneath you to continue.

3. The Relationship Saver

We thank the gods for Sean Bean regularly, but where memes are concerned, no list is complete with at least one incarnation of the ‘One does not simply…’ meme from Lord of the Rings. In this instance, however, it might just save your relationship. Sometimes when you’re in a fight with your girl, you realize that even if you win, you will lose.

One Does Not Simply Win An Argument With Their Girlfriend

Whatever the reason, when we’re embroiled in a battle with our significant other and realize you want them to have the win, this one’s for you. It’s fast, effective, cute, and perfectly conveys the notion that attempting to win in your current situation is just plain insanity. You’re giving the victory to them.

Of course, this is still winning, from your perspective, because it’s the preferable outcome at this point!

4. The Johnny Depp

What if you don’t want to let your girl win? We’re huge fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, so it’s hardly surprising Johnny made the list. This one is a little problematic, though, so handle with care.

Jonny Depp Memes To Win An Argument

If your other half is likely to be offended by the implication of this one, steer clear. BUT if they’re a fan of Johnny Depp, have a good sense of humor, and you know you can’t actually win on the merits of your argument, sending this one is a cheeky way to prevail.

It says, don’t bother arguing anymore; I’ve already won.

5. When You’re Just Done

We’ve all been there. The phone pings, you check your text, and you’re greeted by the dumbest sentence you’ve ever read in your life. Maybe they’re being paranoid. Perhaps they’re just chronically wrong. Or maybe they’re desperate and just saying whatever pops into their head. Whatever the reason, you reach a point where you just can’t be bothered anymore.

Well, There It Is, The Stupidest Thing Ill Read Today

You don’t even care about winning; you just want out of the conversation. When you reach that stage, this one is for you. It clearly makes your point without you having to bother finding more words for the person you’re arguing with. It also gives you a means of simply not replying any further. Whatever they may or may not say back, you can ghost them after this and still have left with the upper hand.

6. When You’ve Already Won

Sometimes the argument is already won, victory is yours, and all that’s left to do is gloat. When you’re in such a glorious situation, a bit of Leo is all you need.

That Moment When You Win An Argument In A Group Chat

This meme says it all. You won, you’re superior, you’re every kind of awesome going. Everyone else should just give up now; they can’t hope to match your level of rightness.

7. When Victory Is So Rare, You’ve Actually Become A Unicorn

While Leo may be the perfect person to demonstrate your superiority, you might want something more specific. Like the man who finally wins an argument with his wife and realizes he is now a rare and illusive creature.

When You Win An Argument With Your Wife

This one’s funny, playful, and just a tiny bit offensive. The perfect balance for any meme. And of course, you can always look for versions relevant for your husband, bae, or miscellaneous other.

8. Realizing You Screwed Up

We’ve all been there. You’ve been passionately if not aggressively arguing your point for a while, and suddenly it hits you: you’re wrong. Do you admit defeat or fight on, determined to win the argument whether you’re right or not?

Realising Youre Wrong But Fighting Anyway

With this meme, you get to do both. Admit you’ve made a mistake and got it wrong, but declare you’re going to persevere regardless. Plus, Hulk, which is always a bonus.

Did we miss any? If you have cracking memes to win an argument in style, let us know.

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