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Fascinating Subreddits To Binge On Featured

Have you ever fallen down the Reddit rabbit hole, bingeing thread after thread for hours? You’re not alone. Reddit is a place for endless entertainment and often discovering things you didn’t even know you needed to know. When you’re ready for that next big binge, check out some of the most fascinating subreddits to make your laugh, cry, and wonder just how weird this world we live in can get.

If you’re fairly new to Reddit and aren’t sure what subreddits to join first, check out the best overall subreddits.


If you want a mixed bag of everything, the best subreddit is r/AskReddit. This is where users go to ask thought-provoking and sometimes completely random questions of other users. For instance, you might check out weird animal facts and then discover something more serious like signs your relationship is over.

Fascinating Subreddits To Binge On Ask Reddit

While some discussions might seem silly, such as a user asking what happened to a girl who loved taking notes with 50 different colored pens, others ask far more serious questions, such as which pseudoscience annoys everyone the most. With over 35 million members, it’s a highly active community that will always have plenty of new posts for you to binge.


Tired of mainstream news? Then visit r/OffBeat. This subreddit is the home of offbeat news stories. All link to the original source so you can read the full story before coming back to comment. You’ll find a mixture of sad, funny, and incredibly weird stories. For instance, laugh in shock after reading about a man who got bitten on the butt by a snake while playing video games on the porcelain throne (before quickly checking the bowl if you’re on the toilet as you read this). Or read a strange story of a couple who decided that living on cruise ships was cheaper than buying their own home (you can question the logic, but that’s part of the intrigue!).

Fascinating Subreddits To Binge On Offbeat

If you’re looking for weird-yet-insightful, then check out what ancient poop reveals about Stonehenge. While there’s usually only 10-20 posts per day, check r/OffBeat out about once or twice a week for a great binge session where you never know what you’ll find next.


Raise your hand if you have some of your best ideas in the shower? Yep, thought so. That’s exactly what r/ShowerThoughts is for – sharing those genius and often hilarious ideas that pop into your brain while getting clean for the day. Share your amazing epiphany or just binge this fascinating subreddit to see what other Redditors are thinking about.

Fascinating Subreddits To Binge On Shower Thoughts

For example, have you ever thought about how resilient plants are to be in the sun all the time? Or, how you have to eat ice cream before it melts, but hot chocolate before it cools? Maybe you’d like to join the rant over removing CD players from cars. So, maybe it’s not all genius thoughts, but it’s hard not to want to keep scrolling through them. Check out r/CrazyIdeas for even more random thoughts and ideas.


Think you’ve got problems? Discover a world of frustrated people who just want to know if they’re in the right or if they’re actually the asshole in a particular situation. Share your verdict on various scenarios on r/AmITheAsshole. Users present their case and often update it as the situation progresses. Then, others respond as to whether the OP is in the right or not.

Fascinating Subreddits To Binge On Asshole

You’ll be amazed at the absurd stuff people get angry over, such as a woman drinking a half gallon of milk at a wedding. Of course, there’s often more serious discussions, such as a user not wanting to be the guardian of a disabled relative. You’ll find a mixture of “asshole” (a husband letting a friend eat the food his pregnant wife asked for) and “not the asshole” (a wife calling out her husband for embarrassing a waitress). The four million members keep this subreddit active and binge-worthy.


Reading about the insanity people have to put up with in their jobs is endlessly fascinating – sometimes sad, but often funny. This is what makes r/TalesFromTechSupport one of the more fascinating subreddits. As someone who once worked in tech support, it’s a guilty pleasure for me to binge this subreddit.

Fascinating Subreddits To Binge On Tales Tech

Discover the hilarious story of someone smelling smoke in the office and calling IT versus the fire department. Or, relate to a frustrated tech worker with a client that refuses to allow access to fix their PC. There’s also dealing with people who refuse to follow instructions like this person who refuses to scan a code with their phone.

If you love bingeing stories like this, also check out r/TalesFromYourServer, r/TalesFromRetail, and r/IDontWorkHereLady.


Just discovered an amazing new fact? Share it on r/TodayILearned. It’s one of the more fascinating subreddits because you’ll learn a lot of new facts about history, science, and life in general via the everyday curiosity of people. Sure, you might already know some of them, but there’s always something new to learn here.

Fascinating Subreddits To Binge On Today Learned

For instance, did you know the popular Lorem Ipsum Dolor placeholder text comes from? Or, if your DNA was a hard drive, how much data could it hold? Also, Ketogenic diets may help with epilepsy and possibly Alzheimer’s. With over 27 million members, there truly are endless facts and discussions to devour here.

If you prefer history facts, you might also be fascinated by r/100YearsAgo. Discover things that happened exactly 100 years ago on a particular day.

Want more than just fascinating subreddits? Get ready for the strange and odd with the weirdest subreddits or dive into a variety of conspiracy theories. Or, just enjoy a great laugh at these hilarious subreddits.

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