Best Geeky Social Networks and Forums You Should Check Out

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Featured

Want to discuss your favorite fandom? Maybe show off your epic cosplay skills? What if you want a lively debate about whether iPhone or Android is better? Then, you need geeky social networks and forums. Instead of having to deal with the general public and all the political nonsense, discuss something that’s actually interesting and fun to you.

While there are plenty of places for geeks to hangout online, these geek communities have active user bases, so there’s always exciting debates and conversations going on. Not to mention, all the geeky recommendations for movies, comics, games, and more.

1. Reddit

As far as major social networks go, Reddit really is the undisputed king of geeky social networks. With numerous niche subreddits for fandoms, anime, movies, technology, science, and so on, there’s a place for every type of geek possible. From thought-provoking discussions about space exploration to hilarious and relatable IT support memes, Reddit has it all.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Reddit

Start with the everything goes r/Geek or try a more visual approach with r/GeekPorn. Totally SFW, so don’t worry. Want even more? Check out list of best subreddits for geeks.

2. BoardGameGeek Community

Geeky gamers unite! DMing your first DnD campaign and need some support? Want to host the most epic game night ever? Maybe you just want some board game recommendations. The best board game, digital board game, and tabletop RPG game discussions all live on BoardGameGeek, called BGG by users. The forums are always active and at the time of writing, there were over 2.5 million threads.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Bgg

There are also sections to discuss comics, photography, DIY gaming, and even just sharing nice things that have happened to you related to games. Geek Lobby is a great place to start.

If you love board games, try out these free online board games. Or, find your next tabletop game to challenge your friends.

3. Rec Room

Geeky social networks don’t just have to be limited to websites. Try a VR community on for size. While not just for geeks, Rec Room lets anyone create their very own community or join millions of rooms created by other players from around the world.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Recroom

It’s part gaming platform, part social network. Create your own games or play along with others. Something that stands out here is there is a kid-friendly version called Junior Mode. So, geeky kids can safely hang out on Rec Room too.

This is probably one the more unique options on this list. It’s cross-platform and works on Android, iOS, PC, most gaming consoles, and VR platforms.

4. Discord

Discord is similar to Rec Room in that you can create your own communities. Or, join millions of public Discord servers in almost any interest. For instance, if you love RPGs, try out The Official UltimateRPG Server. Discuss specific games, anime, TV shows, movies, and much more.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Discord

If you can’t find a community you like, create your own and invite others. Easily gather your friends together on a private server, which is also ideal for kids and families.

To make it easier to find the right Discord servers for your interests, use the following tools:

5. Quora

Sure, Quora is a place to ask others pretty much anything that comes to mind. It’s kind of like the old Yahoo Answers, but infinitely better. It’s also one of the best geeky social networks too. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent looking through Lord of the Rings Q&As. From speculation about the new series on Amazon to timeline/plot issues in the books, there are endless discussions. If you don’t want to browse Quora’s speculation, you can check out what we know so far about the upcoming series.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Quora

All you have to do is enter a topic in the search box and dive in. I’d recommend filtering by time frame if you want to participate in an active discussion versus just browsing through old ones. Or, ask a question of your own.

6. Facebook

Facebook has its faults and definitely feels more like the villain in some psychological thriller. But, some of the communities are still worth joining, especially those that completely ban politics, harassment, and threats. You know, all the negative stuff FB is known for.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Facebook

With over a billion active users, you’ll find geeky communities on almost any subject. One popular community, with over 7,000 members, is Geektopia. There are discussions on movies, comics, cosplay, and so much more. A recent favorite comment was on a post showing the trailer for Hawkeye. They called it “Die Hard with arrows” and they couldn’t be more right.

A few more options for all-in-one geeky Facebook groups are The Geeks, Nerds, & Dorks Group and Geeks, Nerds & Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lovers Unite.

7. Archive of Our Own

One of the best geeky social networks for fanfiction enthusiasts is Archive of Our Own. You’ll have to agree that you’re okay with adult content to enter, but if you’re into fanfic, you already know some of it can get pretty graphic.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Archive

Easily sort by fandoms, which include everything from the Marvel Universe to Taylor Swift. New stories are added all the time and you can add your own of course. If you’re a geek that thinks there are more stories to be told or you don’t like what actually happened, this is the place to share it. Comment on other stories and discover you’re not alone in your fan theories.

If you happen to be an Avengers and Spider-Man fan, try out The Unofficial Avenger’s Field Trip Mission.

8. Twitter

Twitter isn’t just for geeks, but you’ll find a home here. Simply search for whatever interests you and you’ll find hashtags and topics to follow. It’s ideal for finding and discussing geek news, learning about the newest games and movies, sharing experiences, sharing memes, and more.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Twitter

Get as specific as you want in your search. Odds are, you’ll find an active community for it. When you do find what you like, check out the Recommended Topics as you scroll. Twitter does a surprisingly good job at recommending things you might like.

9. Tumblr

While it was once known as more of an adult-oriented social network, Tumblr’s ban on adult content has cleaned the site up a bit. However, hiding behind all the nudity was an active community of geeks sharing memes, tech news, movie recommendations, and amazing science pics and news.

Best Geeky Social Networks And Forums Tumblr

For a more visual social network, Tumblr is well worth checking out. It’s not as popular as it once was, but it’s still fairly active. Plus, you can create your own blog to share whatever your geeky little heart desires.

Social networks aren’t limited to fake news and political rants. Let your geek flag wave proudly and join communities with others who want to share and discuss the finer things in life.

While you’re finding the best communities for you, check out the best sci-fi movies on NOW and the best places to learn about space online.

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