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Your clothes are an easy and effective way to showcase what your interests and hobbies are, and nothing makes it easier and more clear than wearing a T-shirt. A literal (and comfortable) sign on your person that signals to the world “Hey, this guy likes video games“. Sometimes it can be fun to have the shirt exclaim it outright, while other times it can be fun to have a shirt that is almost code that only other geeks and freaks will immediately pick up on. Regardless of what you choose, here are eight of the best Men’s Geek shirts.

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Vermillion City Gym

Sometimes the best kind of geeky tees are the ones you can sort of hide in plain sight. Take this Vermillion City Gym shirt for example.


Pokémon fans might not catch it immediately due to its subtlety, in fact anyone not familiar with the Pokémon League will clock it as just your average “work out” shirt, but once the word Vermillion registers in their brain (cause come on, how often is that word actually used) fellow trainers will make themselves known to you. Remember though, the rules are that if you make direct eye-contact with them, you have to battle them. So be ready.

The Element of Surprise

Of course, you could use this Element of Surprise shirt to showcase a love of chemistry, but that is not a requirement. For some geeks, this can just show off your appreciation of a good pun, and the fact that you at least have a cursory knowledge of how the periodic table functions (Not a requirement for geekdom, but traditionally it is expected.).

Element Of Surprise

Not to over explain a good pun but there is something extra funny about the fact that “Ah” isn’t in all caps. Yes that’s how every element on the periodic table works but the idea that someone is saying “Ah” and it isn’t italicized, CAPITALIZED or exclaimed! adds a little “jou no se qua” to the shirt.

Mordor Fun Run

So you’re a Lord of the Rings fan and you’re into cardio? Good thing someone made this Mordor Fun Run shirt.

Mordor M 1

When a shirt can hone in on the middle portion of any fandom’s venn diagram with another interest something in our brains really lights up. It’s like a crossover, you see. And anyone wearing a Mordor Fun Run shirt, be it on their daily jog, during a marathon, or on the treadmill at the gym, you’re proclaiming “That’s right everyone, he’s a geek with stamina.”

World’s Okayest DM

Look, no one likes a braggart. Even if Matt Mercer or Brennan Lee Mulligan wore a shirt that said “World’s Best DM”, you’d fight the urge to roll your eyes.

Okayest Dm

However, if your Dungeon Master is rocking a shirt that says “World’s Okayest DM” that means they understand that being the perfect DM or the “best” DM is an unattainable goal. The idea that anyone can be universally the best at DM-ing is limiting more than it is gratifying, so take the L and realize that no one can be the best but all of us can be the “okayest”.

Also, the shirt pictured above is white but you are able to order it in virtually any color that feels most unique to you.

A Most Impressive Father

Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Or are you yourself a Father who wants to update his wardrobe with some nerdy shirts that telegraph his newest subclass, (or background? Where on the Character Sheet do you add “Father”?)


This Most Impressive Father shirt is for all the Dad’s who are excitedly deciding which order they will show their children the Star Wars movies. Will you show them in release order? numerical order? or perhaps the polarizing Machete order?

I’m Mary Poppins Y’all

There are always so many Marvel Tees to pick from, but some of the best ones can end up being the little moments from the individual films that get forgotten as the MCU grows more and more expansive. One such moment can come from Yondu’s “I’m Mary Poppins Y’all” line from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Mary Poppins

Especially in this energetic 80’s font, this is a loud and fun shirt that doesn’t explicitly say Marvel, but fans will see it and they will know exactly where it came from.

Spice Beer Label

Hey what’s that? One of those commemorative label t-shirts paying homage to your favorite IPA? No! It’s another tricky geek shirt.

Spice Beer 1

Maybe the giant sandworm gave it away but for anyone who wouldn’t look that closely at it might assume this is just some obscure brew they’ve never heard of. In reality however this Spice Beer Label shirt is for any Dune fans eager to show off their fandom in the form of a souvenir bar shirt. “You mean you haven’t been to the premiere bar on Arrakis? Guess I’m just a better fan than you.”

Lovecraftian Darwinism

How about for our spooky book readers. Lovecraftian and Eldritch horror is on the up and up these days in the horror genre (Even Marvel is dipping their toes into it just a little with Doctor Strange 2.). So why not showcase your love for all things wet and non-Euclidean with this Lovecraftian Darwinism shirt.

1883 Evolution Of Cthulhu T Shirt Front Man

Specifically in the form of the big mass of tentacles, Cthulhu himself (themself? itself?) laying waste to the entire evolutionary lineage of the human race. It’s the kind of shirt that showcases your love of Lovecraft while also coming off as a very science-y shirt. It carries the same energy as those sticker families being chased by dinosaurs you sometimes see on the back windshields of cars.

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