10 of the Best War Movies You Can Watch For Free on YouTube

Best War Movies On Youtube

YouTube has always been one of the top websites to find all sorts of free movies to watch. War movies are no exception and you can easily find many war films and documentaries in seconds. Below are a few of the best free war movies you can watch on YouTube now.

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1. Full Metal Jacket

Decades after its release, Stanley Kubrick’s gritty adaptation of “The Short-Timers” remains one of the best war movies of all time. Full Metal Jacket is split into two acts, both of which are told through the perspective of Private Davis. In the first act, you’ll watch as wise guy Davis and his fellow trainees endure the relentless training of US Marine bootcamp under the supervision of their hyperaggressive drill sergeant.

Full Metal Jacket

They may think bootcamp is unbearablely tough until they arrive Vietnam for combat in the second act of the film. Very soon, the so-called abuse of their previous drill sergeant seems like a slap on the wrist compared to the vile brutality of war they will experience. Full Metal Jacket was a huge success at the box office and gained universal acclaim. The film earned the 95th spot on American Film Institute’s “AFI’s 100 Years…100 Thrills!” as one of the most exhilarating American films of the 20th century.

2. Come and See

Based on the 1971 novel “Khatyn” and the memoir “I Am from the Fiery Village” comes one of the most critically acclaimed anti-war films ever. Come and See showcases the extremely cruel realities of war in ways never seen before its time. The story sheds light on the Nazi occupation of Belarus through the eyes of a young teenager named Floya.

Come And See

Angered by the arrival of the Nazi troops, Floya joins the Belurusian resistance with hopes of liberating his home. However, by doing so he will soon experience some of the most grueling atrocities and suffering to ever be displayed in film. The producers of this movie had to fight eight years of censorship before the film could be created in its true entirety. Since its release in 1985, Come and See is routinely cited as one of the greatest films of all time.

3. Emperor

Based on “His Majesty’s Salvation” by Shiro Okamoto, this historical drama film takes place shortly after the surrender of Japan. The Allied powers are celebrating their victory over the defeated Axis powers but General MacArthur and General Fellers still face a difficult situation.


General Fellers is tasked with arresting Japanese war criminals that will be tried for atrocities done under their command. Hideki Tojo, the former prime minister of Japan, is one of the prisoners that Fellers must prosecute but fears of a great uprising if he does so. Emperor explores the immense tensions and events influencing Fellers’ decision as it will greatly impact the future of the two nations.

4. Battle of Stalingrad Documentary

Battle Of Stalingrad Documentary

The Battle of Stalingrad is one of the deadliest battles in history with over two million casualities. This grand conflict was the major turning point for the Russian forces against the German army in the Eastern European front. As such, researching the many strategies, stories, and influences of this battle is seemingly endless. The 70 minute documentary by Wars of the World manages to hit all of the major points of the battle in a concise and informative fashion.

5. Battle Scars

The draft has been initiated in the United States as more men are sent to the war in Vietnam. Battle Scars examines the aftermath of the Vietnam War and the severe psychological damage inflicted to soldiers. It begins when Michael’s best friend Vinny receives his draft orders and will be leaving soon. But not before Michael volunteers for service to fight alongside him.

Battle Scars

You watch as the duo return home haunted with chronic PTSD and struggles to live a stable life. They reach a point of no return when the only jobs they can take are the violent schemes of the criminal underworld.

6. Fortress


Usually, the sight of a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber is enough for an enemy soldier to tremble in fear. But the Axis troops stationed in Sicily during the B-17 bombing raids of 1943 were ready and waiting. A commander is killed during the raid and a young, inexperienced pilot is his replacement to fly and lead the crew. Fortress showcases the struggles of the newcoming pilot to gain the trust and acceptance of the hardened crew before they take off for their most dangerous mission yet.

7. White Tiger

White Tiger is a Russian war movie based on the Russian novel “The Tankman” or “The White Tiger” written by Ilya Boyashov. The film takes place during the summer of 1943 in the Eastern Front of World War 2. It details the troubles of a Soviet tank commander who is found badly wounded after a lost tank battle for the Soviet army.

White Tiger

Rumors of a mysterious Nazi tank that seems to appear out of nowhere then vanish even quicker spreads through the troops. The wounded tank commander becomes obsessed on finding this deadly tank and destroying it by any means necessary. After releasing to positive reception, White Tiger became Russia’s entry for the Best Foreign Languauge Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards.

8. Field of Lost Shoes

Field Of Lost Shoes

Set during the American Civil War in 1864, the cadets of Virginia Military Institute train vigorously everyday to prepare for the war and protect the Confederacy. Their chance to prove themselves comes early when Union forces are closing in at the nearby Shenandoah Valley. Outgunned and outnumbered, Field of Lost Shoes tells the miraculous, true war story of inexperienced cadets doing everything in their power to turn impossible odds into their favor.

9. The American Civil War Documentary

American Civil War

Even after 150 years, the enormous effects of the Civil War on the United States can still be seen to this day. As such, there is a lot of knowledge that can be learned from the Civil War that can be useful in modern American society. The documentary of this conflict gives an educational and entertaining outlook on the important events, influential battles like the Battle of Gettysburg and key figures of the time. As well as going over a few interesting stories of the war that are overlooked or not as popular as other stories.

10. Alone We Fight

Alone We Fight

Set in the Western European front of World War 2, this war movie tells the story of a small platoon of American soldiers are isolated while guarding a post on the allied line is isolated. The nearest support that could come to their aid are days away. So, they’ll have to muster up all the determination and courage that can they when a unit of advancing German troops are quickly approaching to breach through the line.

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