The Best Games You Can Play on GeForce Now

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GeForce Now is Nvidia’s game streaming service. What sets it apart from every other streaming service is how players can use their library of games from other places with Geforce Now’s streaming. If you have Steam, Epic Games, or Ubisoft then all you have to do is connect your account to an Nvidia account and you can stream your games off of Nvidia’s high-powered computers to almost any other device. The only catch is that the games you play have to be compatible with Nvidia.

Nvidia has a list of games currently compatible with GeForce Now. We’ve perused through those games and made this list for you of the best games you can play on GeForce Now.

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1. Apex Legends

One of the best battle royale games on the market is also available on GeForce Now. Apex Legends is first-person battle royale shooter. You and two other players will team up and fight nineteen other teams to see who is the last ones standing.

Geforce Now Apex

Apex’s claim to fame is its phenomenal movement mechanics, intuitive ping system that set the standard for modern-day FPS games, and blending satisfying gunplay with a colorful slew of character-based abilities. When all of these mechanics are mixed together, Apex becomes a one-of-a-kind battle royale that rewards thoughtful positioning, good aim, and smart usage of skills.

Apex Legends gets a special mention here because GeForce Now supports recording all of your game’s highlights. Specifically, it’ll save clips for knockdowns, kills, and multi-kill streaks. GeForce Now also lets you manually record games, allowing new players to review where they made mistakes or just highlighting the moments where they did well.

2. Fortnite

On the topic of battle royales, Fortnite is also a popular game to play on GeForce Now. The reason stems from Fortnite being booted off the Apple app store back in 2020. GeForce Now offers a workaround, allowing fans to stream the game directly to their iOS devices. This also includes the option to stream either the mobile version or the PC version.

Geforce Now Fortnite

To further encourage fans to use GeForce Now, Fortnite also gifted a free pickaxe skin to anyone using the streaming service to play their game. This promotion ended on August the 4th, but don’t worry. If you missed your chance to get it, the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe will be available in the store at a later date.

3. Deep Rock Galactic

This game is heavily underrated for how much fun is built into it. Deep Rock Galactic is a four-player, first-person shooter where you and your friends will play as a group of dwarves. Your mission? Mine minerals and any other dirty jobs your manager has in mind for your team. Along the way, hordes of insects will attack you and your friends to prevent you from doing your job.

Geforce Now Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic flips between being a horde shooter and a mining game. Each mode is unique and offers a novel way to enjoy the game. A perfect example of this is the “on-site refining” mission, which will have players build pipes around an excavator to collect liquid morkite. On top of the normal swarm defense mechanics, players will now get to build pipes around the map that they can surf on to get from each location. It feels like Tony Hawk Pro Skater meets Factorio.

4. Death’s Door

Death’s Door is a cozy, isometric hack n’ slash RPG. You play as a little crow in a world where crows are tasked with reaping the souls of the dead. What follows is a captivating story chalk full of lovable characters. The crow you play as has similar controls to the classic Legend of Zelda games. In many ways, it shares a similar vibe to Wind Waker with its adorable cell-shaded graphics and goofy antics at times.

Geforce Now Deathsdoor

This game also lends itself extremely well to the flexibility of streaming services like GeForce. Its isometric view makes it easy to figure out where your crow is no matter what size the screen is, and it’s a wonderful experience to get lost into the quirky world of Death’s Door on a mobile device. Then, when you’re near your desktop and available to play more, you can continue the story right where you left off. 

5. Curse of the Dead Gods

In Curse of the Dead Gods, you take control of Caradog McCallister, an adventurer who has stumbled upon a cursed temple. Once he sets foot into the temple, Caradog is trapped in an eternal loop of death and resurrection. His objective now is to free the dead gods trapped within the temple and with their help, escape.

Geforce Now Curse

Curse of the Dead Gods is a phenomenal action roguelite that’s a blend of Hades’ randomized, action-packed runs, and Soulsborne-esque combat that revolves around well-timed attacks, dodges, and parries. Just like with Death’s Door, the isometric view helps keep track of your character regardless of which device you stream it to.

Plus, roguelites are a perfect compliment with GeForce Now’s free pricing plan. You can stream it to any device and easily complete a run in an hour, which is the free plan’s time limit.

6. Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive is one of the best anime fighters on the market right now. It’s the latest entry into the popular Guilty Gear franchise which has a reputation for its overly complicated gameplay. Strive, however, has become the perfect entry point for anyone curious about fighting games. It’s simplified and refined many of its predecessor’s complicated mechanics and its characters have easy-to-learn move lists.

Geforce Now Guilty Gear Strive

In addition to its gameplay improvements, Strive oozes personality out of every pixel. Each character has a fantastic rock n’ roll theme song, stages are colorful works of art, and each fight practically pops off the screen with gorgeous animations. Bright color schemes and vibrant personalities makes each character one memorable fighter.

What makes Strive a particularly great choice for GeForce Now is how useful it is to practice and brew combos in almost any setting. Plus, if gaming computer is unable to play Strive comfortably, then GeForce Now is a great way to enjoy this title.

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