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When you explore an undiscovered part of The Lands Between, you’ll have a host of new (mostly dangerous) faces leering back at you from the depths of the mysterious fog covering up your map. Elden Ring allows you to clear up that fog by discovering the locations of different Map Fragments scattered around the world. Each Map Fragment is attached to a massive stone hidden close to each area’s borders. An easy way to find them is to look at your map, and start heading toward a small icon that looks like a pillar with a red light on it.

While we may not be able to help you with slaying the denizens of these new areas (may I suggest parrying them?), we can help you find these Map Fragments so you’ll have an easier time recollecting your runes.

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Map Fragments:

Limgrave West

Elden Ring Map Location Limgrave West

After getting the First Step Site of Grace, follow the road north past the Church of Elleh. Just up the road is the Gatefront Ruins – named because there’s a massive gate to your left while the rest of the ruins are to your right. Keep following the road and the location of your first map fragment will be just ahead of you.

Limgrave East

Get the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace that’s found to the east of the Gatefront Ruins. From there, follow the path eastward across the bridge and you’ll come across a fork in the road. Take the northward side of the fork and get the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Map Locations Limgrave East

Now, just follow the road and beware of the bears. Reach the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace and follow the road southward and the map’s location will be to your left.

Weeping Penninsula

Starting from the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, you’ll need to follow the road eastward. Once you reach the fork, instead of taking the northern road toward Mistwoods, you’ll instead take the road south.

Elden Ring Map Locations Weeping Penninsula

Along the way, make sure to grab the Waypoint Ruins and Agheel Lake South Sites of Grace. Get across the Bridge of Sacrifice to enter the Weeping Penninsula and continue following the road southward. The Map Fragment will be on your right just before you reach Castle Morne.


After getting past the gate at Gatefront Ruins, head up the road and get the Site of Grace at Stormhill Shack. From there, take the road eastward and get the Warmaster’s Shack and Saintsbridge Sites of Grace. Continue down the eastward path past Summonwater Village toward Caelem Ruins. Once you reach these ruins, the path will continue southward.

Elden Ring Map Locations Caelid

Continue following the path and get the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace. From there, follow the path eastward a little longer and the Map Fragment will be on your right.


From the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace, head north and stay on the low ground. Just behind the church is a waygate that will teleport you to the front of the Bestial Sanctum. Turn around and take the road southward across the bridge. The road will lead you to two paths – an eastward and a westward road. The eastward road will take you toward a tower (Lenne’s Rise) with a Site of Grace. The westward road leads to the Map Fragment.

Elden Ring Map Locations Dragonbarrow

Follow the westward fork past the Minor Erdtree. The road will fork again between an upward path and a lower path. The lower path will lead to the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace, while the upward path will take you toward a massive dragon and the Map Fragment. Follow the path westward and the Map Fragment will be to your left.

Liurnia East

Elden Ring Map Location Liurnia East

After you’ve completed everything you need at Stormveil Castle, head outside and get the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. From there, head directly north and the Map Fragment will be in the middle of the lake surrounded by enemies.

Liurnia North

Elden Ring Map Locations Liurnia North

Just northwest of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace is the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. From that point, head North until you reach the Gate Town Site of Grace. The Map Fragment is right next to the Grace. Be aware that the lobsters nearby are trained assassins and will not miss a shot with their bubble beam sniper rifles. Either stop and kill them before moving on, or tank the hits and keep going.

Liurnia West

Travel along the western edge of the Liurnia Lake and you’ll find your way to the Foot of the Four Belfries Site of Grace. After that, head North down the road until you get to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. The Map Fragment is just North East of the Grace on the left side of the road.

Elden Ring Map Locations Liurnia West

There are a lot of enemies between the two Sites of Grace, so feel free to clear everything out first before moving on.

Atlus Plateau

Elden Ring Map Locations Atlus Plateau

After you’ve traveled up Grand Lift Dectus and made it to the Atlus Plateau, follow the road North-East. When you reach a fork in the road, take the left road and get the Atlas Highway Junction Site of Grace. After that, continue following the road North to get to the Map Fragment. The map fragment should be on the left side of the road.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

Elden Ring Map Locations Leyndell

After you get the Atlas Highway Junction Site of Grace, head to directly to the east. You’ll want to go up the massive stone stairs then get past the entrenched knights of Leyndell and two Tree Sentinels guarding the gate into the city. Once you’re through the gate, the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace and the Leyndell Map Fragment will be right in front of you.

Mt. Gelmir

Elden Ring Map Locations Mt Gelmir

Once you’ve made it to the Volcano Manor through discovery or a side quest, head outside. You’ll be greeted by a few powerful enemies, but you can just ride past them. Follow the road and go around the outskirts of the mountain and follow the path as it leads you downward and below. At the bottom of that path is a Map Fragment and the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace.

Mountaintops of the Giants West

Elden Ring Map Location Mountaintop West

Once you’ve progressed enough of the story to ride Grand Lift Rold, you’ll be taken into the Mountaintops of the Giants. Follow the path north-east around the mountains and into a clearing, and the Map Fragment will be on your right.

Mountaintops of the Giants East

Get the Frozen Lake Site of Grace and head southeast across the lake. At the Frozen Lake an Ice Dragon and lobsters will try to stop you, so either fight them or ride past them to get to the First Church of Marika Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Map Locations Mountaintops Of The Giants East

From the church, head west following the edge of the mountain and past all of the Giant Dog enemies. You’ll then reach the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace in front of a massive camp of Fire Monks. Ride past the camp and head south until you find a massive chain. Go across that chain and the Giants’ Gravepost Site of Grace and the Mountaintops of the Giants East Map Fragment will be waiting for you on the other side.

Consecrated Snowfield

This map fragment is a little tricky because your vision will be limited and there may be some close calls as you get to the Map Fragment. Thankfully it’s still a fairly straightforward ride and there are two Sites of Grace along the way to help you.

Elden Ring Map Locations Consecrated Snowfield

Starting from the Hidden Path to the Haligtree Site of Grace, you’ll want to open your map and put a blue beacon on the map indicator. While this step isn’t super important, it’ll help you orient yourself through the snowfield. From there, ride north and head straight for the beacon you put down. There will be wolves, a spectral Dragon Soldier, and a dangerous drop along the way but you can ride past all of these and continue on toward the Map Fragment.

Along the way, make sure you grab the Consecrated Snowfield and Inner Consecrated Snowfield Sites of Grace. Once you’ve reached the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, continue north into the woods and the Map Fragment should be on the nearest edge of the forest to you.

Siofra River


Inside of the Mistywood, near the Limgrave East Map Fragment is the entrance to Siofra River. Take that elevator and head down to Siofra Riverwell Depths. From there, go east past the enemies and up the lift which will take you to Siofra Riverbanks. Follow the path eastward and you’ll come across staircase and two columns – a regular column and a column with a body leaning against it. Check the body for the Map Fragment.

Ainsel River

This is another tricky map location. When you’ve progressed through Ranni’s questline enough, there will be a waygate that teleports you to the Ainsel River Main Site of Grace. Once there, head south straight through the tunnel. Hug the right side wall while the Malformed Star pelts you with rocks and you’ll find an archway with a few claymen around it. Head through the archway and keep heading straight. Ignore the ants and you’ll walk into a large chamber with two flying ants and a shield ant on the left.

Ainsel River

Head through the tunnel with the shield ant and you’ll be on a ledge with two enemies overlooking the ruins with another Malformed Star nearby. Move to the right and drop to the nearest ledge below you. After that, jump up on top of the rocks closest to the ruins and then jump onto the top part of the ruins. Grab the treasure chest with Astel’s Wing in it while you’re up here and then drop. The fall will cause a little damage, but nothing that you won’t survive. You can also take this time to get revenge on the Malformed Star too.

After dispatching it, there’s a platform you can fall to on the south side of the ruins you’re standing on. Fall onto it, then fall one more time and you’ll be in front of the lower section of the ruins. Walk into it and you’ll find a merchant and a body slumped against a column. Check the body and the Map Fragment is yours.

Lake of Rot

This is another map location that is convenient tied to Ranni’s questline. After you’ve discovered the Nokstella Water Basin Site of Grace, head through the tunnel directly to your south. Be on your guard because it will be filled with Basilisks who will not be happy to see you. Get past them and continue into the next room. South from your location will be a temple with an elevator in it. Head to the elevator, pull the level to bring it down, then ride the elevator.

Lake Of Rot

The elevator will drop you off at the Lake of Rot. Touch the Site of Grace nearby and head to the bank of the lake and you’ll find a body along the edge. Search the body and collect the Map Fragment.

Deeproot Depths

After defeating the Twin Gargoyle bosses, there will be a coffin nearby that your Tarnished can sleep in. Interact with it and it will take you to Deeproot Depths. Get the Site of Grace and continue south-westward until you reach some branches to run on. Head west on these branches until you reach solid ground. Then head northwest until you reach the next Site of Grace.

Deeproot Depths

From that Site of Grace, head north-east and follow the curve of the path northward until you reach a pagoda. There will be a body on the pagoda with the Map Fragment for Deeproot Depths.

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