Elden Ring: The Best Side Quests, And How to Start Them

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The world of Elden Ring is filled with colorful characters that offer unique side quests. Each one has a backstory that explains how they found themselves exploring the Land Between. But without a menu to help you keep track of each quest, it’s easy to lose track of which side quests you still have to do. Without careful progression you might miss quests completely or accidentally lock out a quest line, requiring another playthrough to get its rewards.

To help in your adventures, we’ve made a list of the best quests you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Iron Fist Alexander

Star Location: Near Saintsbridge Site of Grace, Stormhill

We’re starting with this one because this is likely the first character you meet in Elden Ring who makes an unequivocally positive impression on you. A smart-talking genteel jar who’s stuck in the ground and you need to give a good whack to in order to rescue. He’s utterly charming, and you really want to help him.

Elden Ring Side Quests Alexander Location

You’ll first find Alexander stuck in the ground near the north-eastern bridge out of Stormhill. His quest is long and elaborate, and even crosses over with Diallos’ quest (which you’ll find further down this list), but every run-in with the strange corpse-consuming jar is an enjoyable one, as you do battle alongside him, and against him.

Elden Ring Side Quests Alexander

Alexander has one of the most useful side quests to finish in Elden Ring because you’ll get a talisman to increase your skill damage. If you rely on your Ash of War, make sure you finish this quest!

2. Hyetta

Start Location: Speak with Irina in the Weeping Peninsula. After that, head over to the Lake-facing Cliffs in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Elden Ring Sidequests Hyetta Location
Irina’s location is circled next to the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace.

Hyetta’s quest has a humble and sweet beginning, but its ending is an apocalyptic nightmare. If you’ve ever wanted to watch the Lands Between burn, then this is the quest to follow.

When you first meet Hyetta, she’s a blind woman on a journey to be a Finger Maiden. She asks for Shabiri Grapes cause they help her see a distant light that’s guiding her. If you want an early (and disturbing) hint at how dark this questline is about to become inspect the Shabiri Grapes because they’re most definitely not grapes.

Elden Ring Sidequests Hyetta

The end of Hyetta’s quest is unique because it unlocks the only ending with a truly distinct final cutscene. It will also lock you into its ending until you find Miquella’s Needle and use it at Dragonlord Placidusax’s arena.

3. Volcano Manor Residents

Start Location: Near Scenic Isle Site of Grace (Rya), Murkwater Cave near Ahgeel Lake North Site of Grace (Patches),

Elden Ring Sidequests Rya Start

The Volcano Manor quests will be extremely useful in your Elden Ring playthrough since it’s made of five side quests that are linked to each other (Rya’s, Tanith’s, Bernhal’s, Patches’, and Diallos’). Plus, the conclusion to these quests have some decent rewards. Be aware, these quests will end prematurely if you kill Rykard too soon, so save that for the end.

There are three ways to join the Volcano Manor – Rya, Patches, and discovering the manor on your own. Rya is in a pavilion near the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. Complete her request, reach the Atlus Plateau, and Rya will appear to bring you to the Manor. Patches is at Murkwater Cave and, after part of his quest, he’ll tell you about an enemy that will teleport you close to the manor.

Elden Ring Sidequests Tanith

Again, be sure to avoid killing Rykard too soon. Complete two of Tanith’s requests and the other residents will give you their quests. Finish those quests first before continuing with Tanith’s quest. Once that’s all done, Tanith will bring you to Rykard, where you can safely slay him.

4. Diallos

Start Location: Roundtable Hold

Elden Ring Sidequests Diallos Location

Despite being tied to the Volcano Manor, Diallos’ quest starts a bit earlier than the Manor’s. You’ll have to first talk to Diallos at the Roundtable Hold and exhaust all of his dialogue. Once you do that, he’ll appear near the Academy Gatetown Site of Grace, where you need to talk to him again. After that, he’ll move to the Volcano Manor. Finish his request and he’ll leave to Jarburg.

Elden Ring Sidequests Diallos

Diallos deserves his own mention here since his rewards are worth the extra effort. It’s a quick way to receive a better whip, a unique helmet, and a good chunk of runes. While there’s not much fighting involved in his questline, you will have to eventually face off against Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, so be prepared!

Diallos’ quest will also intersect with Alexander’s through a small jar warrior named Jar Bairn. All three stories have a bittersweet conclusion to them, but that kind of writing makes it even more worth it to finish these quests.

5. Sellen

Start Location: Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace in Limgrove

Elden Ring Sidequests Sellen Location

If you’re looking for a quest that rewards sorceries and intelligence buffing equipment, then speak to Sellen. Go to the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace, then head north. You’ll find her in an underground area near the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace, just behind a Mad Pumpkin Head boss. Once you agree to learn from her, she’ll sell you sorceries and her quest becomes available. After you defeat Rennala, come back and talk to Sellen to continue her quest.

Elden Ring Sidequests Sellen

Sellen’s side quests sends you to all of the different regions in Elden Ring to learn magic, so make sure you’ve explored a good chunk of the map. The next step brings you the Hermit Village near the volcano to learn a spell. The closest Site of Grace is the Craftsman’s shack. Head over to the village and talk to the sorcerer who will teach you the sorcery, Comet Azur. Head back to Selen to continue the quest from that point.

6. Fia

Start Location: Roundtable Hold

Sidequests Roundtable Location

Fia is found early in your Elden Ring adventures at the Roundtable Hold but her quest starts when you ask her to embrace you after defeating Godrick. That hug trades one point of vitality for a blessing, but you’ll get that vitality back after using that blessing. When you collect your second Greater Rune, Fia will give you a weathered dagger and ask you to return it to its owner, D, Hunter of the Dead. Next, head to the Black Knife Catacombs, find the Black Knife Print and bring it back to Fia to progress her quest.

Elden Ring Sidequests Fia

What makes this quest worth completing is its unique armor rewards, an amazing final fight, and a different ending to the game. Players that want a morally ambiguous ending and some new armor options should complete this quest line.

7. Ranni

Start Location: Church of Elleh, or Ranni’s Rise

Sidequests Ranni Location

Ranni is another quest that will change the ending once you complete it. Be prepared because this is a long quest that lasts from the beginning of the game to its end. Don’t let the long questline intimidate you though. The boss fight, rewards, and the ending itself is good enough to make all the effort (and sacrifices) worth it.

Elden Ring Sidequests Ranni

To start it, head to the Church of Elleh at night and rest at the site of grace. Ranni will appear and give you the Spirit Calling Bell. If she doesn’t appear, then head past Caria Manor and head toward Ranni’s Rise. You’ll find Ranni at the top of the tower where you can swear your service to her and she’ll ask you to find Blaidd near the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace.

8. Brother Corhyn

Start Location: Roundtable Hold

Sidequests Roundtable Location

Tarnished focusing on Faith should help Brother Corhyn who sells incantations at the Roundtable Hold. His questline starts when you talk to him after you reach the Atlus Plateau or defeat Mad Tongue Alberich and get the Cipher Pata. Once Corhyn leaves, you’ll find him again just North of the Atlus Highway Junction Site of Grace.


Out of all the quests that modify the game’s ending, Brother Corhyn’s ending is the closest Elden Ring will get to a “good” ending. Most of the quest will be searching Atlus Plateau for Corhyn and later for Goldmask. Make sure you’re able to reach 37 intelligence for a specific incantation needed to complete this quest.

9. Nepheli Loux

Start Location: Stormveil Castle in the Secluded Cell near Godrick.

Elden Ring Side Quests Nepheli Location

This is one of the earliest quests you can find, but also one of the most rewarding ones. Nepheli Loux is a warrior who was raised by Sir Gideon Ofnir. To start her quest, head to the Secluded Cell Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle. Talk to Nepheli and she’ll head over to the Roundtable Hold after you slay Godrick.

Be aware that a later character named Seluvis will give you a potion and tell you to hand it to Nepheli. If you want to complete this quest, do not give that potion to her. Doing so will lock you out of the quest permanently until you start a new playthrough.

Elden Ring Side Quests Nepheli

At the end of Nepheli’s quest, you’ll be able to get two Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones – one from Nepheli herself and another that becomes purchasable from Gastoc at the end of the quest. These stones are needed to fully upgrade weapons and there are only 13 of them in each Elden Ring playthrough, making this one of the more lucrative side quests for players to complete.

10. Millicent

Start Location: Gowry’s Shack near the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace.

Sidequests Millicent Location

While she may not seem like it if you’ve had the misfortune of being killed by her in the Aeonia Swamps, Millicent is a sweet woman who’s trying to recover from the Scarlet Rot. Her quest starts when you speak to Gowry who will point you to a boss you need to slay to help Millicent. The fights in this quest are on the tougher side, so be prepared.


Millicent’s quest is equal parts heartwarming and heart-wrenching. It’s wonderful to watch a woman who’s down on her luck get a second chance through your actions. It makes the tough fights and fetch quests worth your time. This quest is even better for Dexterity builds since Millicent will give you talismans that improve your dexterity and increase your damage for each successive hit.

If you finished Hyetta’s quest and don’t want that ending, Millicent’s quest will reward you with Miquella’s Needle. Use this at Dragonlord Placidusax’s arena to choose your ending again.

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