All You Need to Know About GTA Online

What Is Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has remained a very popular game since its release in 2013. With the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks, the popularity and playerbase of GTA Online might reach new levels in anticipation for the next entry of the franchise. Now is a great time to learn what GTA Online is and everything that it has to offer.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is possibly the most anticipated videogame right now, however there isn’t a release date yet so it may be years before it comes out. But, these highly anticipated games are coming out very soon in 2023 for sure.

The Massive World of GTA Online

GTA Online is the online open-world component of Grand Theft Auto V where up to 30 players can interact with each other. Owners of the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X/S can purchase this as a standalone game separately from the main game. The story takes place a few months before the events of the main single-player mode.

Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

First, you’ll create your own custom character. You can create a wide variety of different characters with the in-depth creation tool. Once that’s done, you can customize your character with the countless number of unique accessories and outfits that you’ll find throughout the game. Even your character’s walking style can be changed.

After that your character meets up with Lamar shortly after arriving in Los Santos and the action takes off. Although there is a loose storyline to the missions, the open-ended gameplay, cooperative missions and competitive modes are the main focus of GTA Online.

Game Modes

  • Deathmatch – Classic deathmatch style game mode where two teams of eight players face off against each other. Last Team Standing is the round-based, non-respawn variation of this mode.
  • Adversary – A collection of different objective-based modes that are more competitive and requires more engaging teamwork compared to Deathmatch. For example, a team of bodyguards must protect the target from the opposing team of assassins in the Entourage mode.
  • Contract Missions – The story missions of GTA Online that rewards job points, money and reputation points upon completion.
  • Racing – A series of races that can be played alone or against other player based on the land, water, and air.
  • Raid – Players must steal a package from the opposing team’s base an bring the package back to their base to score points.
  • Heists – Following the blueprint of the single-player mode, heists are very elaborate co-op robbery missions composed of multiple parts. Each player has a different role and set tasks to fulfill in order to complete each heist. You will complete a series of small robberies before attempting the riskiest, largest paying heist in the end.

What Else Can You Do?

In the case of GTA Online, the better question is what else can’t you do? There is such a massive abundance of content in this online open-world that can be experienced. There’s even secrets and Easter eggs that haven’t been found although the game was released ago 10 years ago.

Gta Online Custom Races

Here are a few of the many activities you can do when you’re not in the mood for missions and PvP matches:

  • Operate businesses: Purchase and maintain different properties and businesses such as nightclubs, strip clubs, apartment complexes. These can be used as safe spots to hide from cops and griefing players. Or, to simply earn passive income for your character.
  • Custom content creation: If you’re feeling creative or feel like the races and game modes aren’t that interesting then you can make your own. The custom creation tool allows you create any racetrack or custom game mode that you’d like. And if it turns out to be really good, you might get a stamp of approval from Rockstar Studios for that particular custom mode.
  • Criminal shenanigans: The most obvious activity is to start up trouble and chaos throughout the city of Los Santos. Rob stores, attack NPCs and other online players, raise your wanted level to five stars, escape high-speed police chases, don’t yield at a roundabout. Let your inner criminal mastermind go berserk.
  • Car meets: With so many cars and customization options available, there is a countless number of unique cars to create . Attend car meets to see these highly customized vehicles made by others or bring your own to show off.
  • Explore the sea: Take the time to explore the sea since most of your time is spent in the city. There a few locations where you can steal a submarine from and take an in-depth look at GTA’s underwater world. Also, no one reach you when underwater so you’ll be perfectly safe, even if you have five star wanted level.

Try Out Your Acting Skills in GTA Roleplay

GTA roleplay is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in gaming right now. Its popularity has exploded in the past year on all streaming platforms, especially Youtube and Twitch. This is due to the endless amount of funny moments and drama that is highly entertaining for the roleplayers and viewers.

Grand Theft Auto Online Pursuit

This custom mode allows players to control a NPC to act in a specific role in the server. For instance, players can roleplay as a member of the police force and maintain order in the city and capture wanted criminals. Or, you could be a paramedic, gang member, store owner, nightclub manager, whatever you would like to roleplay as.

How to Join a Roleplay Server

In order to participate in roleplay, you must have a copy of GTA Online or Grand Theft Auto 5. Second, you’ll need to download FiveM, which is a multiplayer mod to access the roleplay servers. Lastly, find a roleplay server to join.

There are many open servers that allow anyone to join but these are typically very chaotic and have very little oversight. Popular, top quality servers like NoPixel, TwitchRP, EclipseRP are the hardest servers to join. You’ll need an invite or be added to the whitelist before you can join, which could take a few weeks.

The main aspect of roleplay is communication so you’ll need great PC headset to truly play your role. And, always be comfortable while playing GTA and every game you play in these excellent gaming chairs.

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