Best GTA Roleplay Servers to Live Out your Criminal Fantasies

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The popularity of Grant Theft Auto’s roleplaying community has been continually growing over the years. With single-player and even the ever-growing multiplayer game not being enough for some players, servers have cropped up to allow deeper roleplaying within GTA’s online open world.

These allow you to take on real-life responsibilities within a structured virtual society. Or for the more antisocial of you, for your criminal activities to have a far greater impact in a real-time environment. GTA roleplay servers really allow you to contribute in a tangible way to a society of real people that cares about your actions, for better or worse.

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What are GTA Roleplay Servers?

Essentially, RP servers are modded custom servers that allow you to customize and take on the role of an NPC inside GTA.

Each community has its own set of rules that have to be adhered to if you want to stick around. This could mean any number of things but often requires the player to stay in character at all times and maintain a routine.

This means that fans of gaming immersion and real-life roleplay can find themselves living out the day-to-day lives of police, criminals, taxi drivers, store workers and any number of other societal positions.

Continue reading to find out the best GTA Roleplay Servers for you to consider before making your mark on the criminal world of Grand Theft Auto.

1. LucidCityRP

One of the more comprehensive RP servers for GTA, LucidCity has quite a similar setup to NoPixel, with full RP services that let you play as law enforcement, emergency services, news agencies, real estate and airlines.

Gta Online Roleplaying Servers Lucidcityrp

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to work on the wrong side of the law, including Biker Brotherhoods The Lost MC and Angels of Death, as well as various Mafia organizations like the Gambino and Colombo Families.

Some people have had complaints about the whitelist process on this server, and given its popularity it’s perhaps a little understaffed, but once you’re in then the roleplay experience is wonderfully moderated. It includes a lot of GTA Online’s content as well, such as the Caribbean island of Cayo Perico.

2. NoPixel

NoPixel is considered the crème de la crime of GTA Roleplay servers and it is where the most serious of role-players tend to migrate to. All the best known, and most-watched, names from Twitch and other live streaming services are part of NoPixel and as such it’s a big draw for more serious players.

Nopixel Rp

It also does mean, however, that the waiting list is inhibitively large and applications are often declined or put on hold. Players desperate to join, or simply wanting to support the platform, can contribute by donating to the server which invariably aids whitelisting.

While this is arguably the best RP server, it is also the hardest to access and has the most responsibility attached to it. Therefore it might not be the best starting point for those just starting their new criminal lives.

3. Eclipse RP

Another well-known and well-respected community within the GTA RP world is Eclipse RP. With seemingly endless possibilities Eclipse RP allows the player to start down any number of realistic career paths including law enforcement, fisherman or poker player and of course there are numerous criminal gangs to join.

Eclipse Rp 1

Unlike other servers, Eclipse only hosts 200 players at a time, again making it one of the harder to enter. But it’s super transparent and strict guidelines make it one of the most realistic, albeit linear, GTA life-sims out there; no crazy mass-extinction killing sprees here – realistic crime and realistic punishment.

4. Beacon RP

Formerly known as The Family RP, Beacon RP focuses on high-quality and highly realistic role-play within the game. Rules dictate that players stick to the laws of logic and feasibility thus probably making this the most accurate representation of real-life crime and punishment.

Beacon Rp

Many players won’t even be witness to criminal activities, as just as much emphasis and value is given to everyday roles. This means that players will be expected to regularly turn up to pick up the garbage, to deliver groceries or to open up shop. Whilst some might find this a direct opposition to the original point of GTA’s gun-toting mayhem, serious role-players will revel in the opportunity to be part of an alternative and realistic reality.

5. GTA World

Voice acting plays a large part in GTA roleplaying. Players interacting verbally gives a life simulator an obvious extra dimension. But for those that aren’t comfortable using a microphone, GTA World’s allure is its focus on text-based play.

Gta World

Even without vocal immersion the opportunity to live out your lawless caprices, or even legitimate enterprises, is easily achievable. Set up your own Design and Architecture company or trucking and logistic business alongside your more obvious career as a medic or in the fire department.

GTA World might hint at being for the more introverted of gamers but the feeling of absorption is just as palpable with written text and the avoidance of inane chatter is often a bonus. In fact, because people take the time to think about what they write before saying it, it allows for a more expressive and artistic result.

6. Mafia City GTA RP

While the server name might suggest that it is home to purely criminal endeavors, just like the other entries Mafia City GTA RP perfectly recreates a fully functioning, feasible society.

Mafia City Rp

NPCs are less of a factor here because it is hosted on RageMP servers with the ability to entirely remove them from the game at times. This gives a deeper level of interaction and realism amongst players.

Active factions are available to join which will guide you down your chosen path to monstrous Mafioso or hero cop. This server encourages players to really take their roles seriously and help shape their GTA world into an engaging and convincing man-made story.

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