What’s A Boomer Shooter And Some of the Best Boomer Shooter Games

What Are Boomer Shooters

Boomer shooter is a fast growing subgenre of videogames that is steadily gaining more popularity. However, these types of shooter games aren’t something new, they are simply coming back from the dead. But what exactly is a boomer shooter? And why are they showing up again now? Well, keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about this modern revival of classic shooter games.

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Origins of Boomer Shooters

The origins of boomer shooters go back to the 90’s when the first person shooter genre began. Soon after the release of Wolfenstein 3D, the first shooter game ever, there came a far more chaotic shooter game by the name of Doom.

The rapid pacing, exhilarating action, large maze-like levels, energetic music, and bloody visuals made Doom an instant classic. Very soon, a trend of Doom copycat games started to pop up everywhere such as Quake and Duke Nukem 3D.

Originial Doom Gameplay Boomer Shooter

These thrilling, action-packed shooter games continued to dominate the gaming market of 90’s. However, these games were designed solely on delivering an exciting gameplay experience. There was never a big focus, or any at all, on the story. The decline of these original boomer shooters began in the early 2000’s when new shooter franchises started to appear like Medal of Honor and Battlefield.

These new shooter games were designed for slower-paced realism and involved an in-depth story, unlike Doom and Quake. Eventually, this became the standard for shooter games and these franchises continued to dominate the shooter genre to this day.

Why is it called a “Boomer” Shooter?

The term “boomer shooter” is actually a new term to describe the new wave of Doom-like video games that have been coming out in recent years. Shortly after the release of the Dusk in 2018 is when the term was coined. Back in the 90’s, Doom and all of its clones were simply called shooter games.

Dusk 2018 Boomer Shooter

“Boomer” could refer to the game developers of the Baby Boomer generation who created the original shooter games in the 90s. And because of the age and influence of older games like Doom and Wolfenstein, they would be considered the “boomers” of the shooter genre.

Lastly, “boomer” might also be a nod to the powerful shotguns that are in virtually every shooter game, especially high-octane shooter games like these. This is because “boomstick” is a very common nickname for these devastating weapons.

Future of Boomer Shooters

These types of games were forgotten about until the release of the new Doom in 2016 and its sequel Doom Eternal. The massive success of these modern adaptions proved that there is a huge demand for this subgenre of shooter games. Sparked with tons of inspiration and nostalgia, indie game developers quickly raced to supply the overlooked demand.

Doom Eternal

More and more boomer shooters like Ion Fury, Ultrakill, and AMID EVIL are popping up in the gaming market every year. This subgenre of shooter games is quickly becoming more popular and mainstream. This comes at a time when popular franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield are on the decline after many years of dominating the shooter game space. Needless to say, the future of boomer shooters is looking very good.

Great Boomer Shooters You Can Play Now

Ion Fury Screenshot

Now that we’ve covered their origins and bright future, the only thing left to do is to give these thrilling games a try. As an extra dose of nostalgia, some boomer shooters use the same low-resolution pixel graphics like the original shooter games in the 90’s. Here are a few of the best boomer shooters that you can play right now:

1. Doom (2016)

Doom 2016

What would be a better boomer shooter to play than the modern reboot of the Doom franchise. Also known as Doom 4, this thrilling entry takes the ferocious glory and fast-paced chaos of the originals to new heights. Enjoy blasting and slashing your way through an army of demons as a space marine called Doom Slayer. Don’t stop gunning down enemies until the massive research facility has been cleared and your mission is complete.


Dusk 2018

Take on secretive cultists, possessed monsters and many evil entities with a large arsenal of destructive weapons in DUSK. Survive until dawn against hordes of enemies in three adrenaline-pumping campaign episodes. Once you’ve completed the story then put your shooter skills to the ultimate test against endless waves of enemies in the survival mode. And, DUSK is an excellent game for any gamers looking for an easy-to-run PC game because of its retro graphics.


Amid Evil Boomer Shooter

Another excellent boomer shooter from the producers of DUSK is AMID EVIL. Fulfill your duties as the chosen champion by battling a wide variety of monsters in seven story episodes set in different locations. The enemies will adapt to your fighting style and each encounter becomes more grueling that the last. Use powerful, sacred weapons to unleash devastating magical attacks to destroy any villain in your path to reclaim your ancestor’s land.

4. Ion Fury

Demolitions expert Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison’s usual job is to defuse bombs. That is until the evil Dr. Heskel released his army of cyborgs into the city. Now her job is to cause as many explosions and chaos as possible until the seven zones of Neo DC has been saved.

Ion Fury

Ion Fury strikes a great balance between old-school and modern shooters by combining the best of both worlds. The open-ended levels with multiple paths and retro graphics along with elaborate physics and interactivity. Ion Fury also runs on an advanced version of the BUILD game engine that the classic 90s shooter games used.

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