The Complete Guide to Play Velma in Multiversus

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Velma has become one of the most dominant characters in Multiversus. Her powerful abilities and disjointed hitboxes make her a threat at almost any range, and her buffs and debuffs make her a potent force in any team composition. Learning how to play her can take a little practice since she struggles when enemies spend the entire game chasing her.

After spending some time learning how to pilot the brains behind Mystery Inc., we’ve created this guide to help you learn how to play Velma.

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The Basics

In Multiversus, Velma is a support character who provides buffs to her teammate and fills the screen with projectiles to rack up damage. She also has a unique mechanic where Velma and her teammate can collect evidence over the course of a match. When they’ve collected enough evidence, Velma is able to call the Mystery Van to capture an opponent, stunning and dragging them off-stage.

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Her biggest weakness is close-range fighting. Velma has mediocre mobility, sporting one of the lowest jump and double jump heights, and only has Hit the Books and Toxic Concoction as fast ways out of bad spots.

Noteworthy Attacks

  • Neutral + Attack (Supportive Words): Supportive Words is the Bread and Butter of Velma’s game plan. The first shot fires a homing projectile that deals no damage, but each subsequent projectile will move toward where the first projectile landed. If this projectile hits an ally, then it will give them a speed buff.
Velma Guide Words

Velma can only shoot three projectiles before the move goes on cooldown. Once on cooldown, this move will regenerate stacks of ammo that Velma can fire whenever she wants. When these speech bubbles hit an ally, it will turn into a more damaging speech bubble that has far less tracking.

Use this move to control space and make your opponent’s life a living hell. Its aggressive homing makes it a pain for opponents to dodge. In many situations, these projectiles can also fish your teammate out of enemy combos or tie up an opponent long enough to get a knockout.

  • Neutral + Special (Motivational Speaker): While Supportive Words racks up damage, Motivational Speaker will knock opponents out. Velma stands still and fires a long range beam that heals allies for three damage and puts stacks of Weakened on enemies. Allies hit by this beam will also fire a second, more powerful beam from themselves.
Velma Guide Motivational Speaker

This move does everything. It wins you neutral from full-screen, saves allies from combos, heals teammates, damages opponents, and secures knockouts thanks to its range and knockback. Its biggest downsides are its six second cooldown, long charge up time, and Velma has to stay still to use it, so choose carefully when you plan to use this move.

Down + Special (Spread the Knowledge): The best utility move for teams that rely on reducing ability cooldown timers. Spread the Knowledge reduces Velma and her teammate’s cooldowns by 33%.

Forward + Air Attack (Light ‘em Up): The primary way to get people off of you when they get too close. Light ‘em Up is a powerful disjointed attack that can be charged in the air. On hit, it knocks opponents away, giving Velma the chance to escape or follow up with more projectiles. Off stage, Light ‘em Up coves a wide enough cone in front of Velma to easily catch recovering opponents.

Velma Guide Light Em Up

Forward + Attack (Quip Master): Quip Master rounds out Velma’s already impressive kit. It’s great when you need to stuff out an opponent’s ground attack, save a teammate that’s getting comboed near you, or if you need an assured knockback near the ledge.

Up + Air Attack (Bright Idea): Both the ground and air version of this attack has a disjointed hitbox above Velma that lasts a long time. It also has an impressive amount of knockback, making it the perfect tool to catch opponents who are dodging above you and to secure knock outs. It’s better to use Bright Idea in the air so you can move while the attack is happening and get a little bit more vertical height.

Velma Guide Bright Idea

Down + Air Attack (My Glasses!): A solid combo starter, a good spike, and a great way to bounce someone above you so you can abuse Velma’s ridiculous Up+Air. Combos into Bright Idea below 90%.

Up + Air Special (Shutterbug): A good spike and Velma’s best way of breaking armor up close. It’s also a wonderful tool for offstage edgeguards since you can use shutterbug for a spike attempt and then follow up with My Glasses! if your opponents dodge wrong for a second spike attempt.

Recommended Perks

Ice to Beat You: While you won’t get a full freeze very often, Ice to Beat You shines through slowing down opponents. Players with a single stack of ice will have their movement slowed by 15%. This allows Velma and her teammate to position better, giving Velma more opportunities to outrun enemies who are chasing her.

Ice To Beat You

Coffeezilla/I’ll Take That: Coffeezilla is one of the best perks in Multiversus and it’s especially useful for Velma. These powerful cooldown reduction perks make Velma and her teammate more effective by letting them use their abilities more. Cooldown reduction on Velma is especially good since she can combine it with Spread the Knowledge to further reduce her team’s cooldowns by a massive chunk.


A majority of Velma’s strategy revolves around using her two most oppressive moves – Motivational Speaker and Supportive Words – as often as possible. Knowing when to use these two moves and how to make the most of Velma when they’re on cooldown will be the difference between a good and bad Velma player.

Mystery Van hauls villains away.

Hide Velma behind her teammate and harass the enemy from the safest place you can find. While this leaves your teammate a little vulnerable because of how far away you will be sometimes, Velma players should make sure they’re still in range to interrupt enemy combos with Light ‘em Up, Supportive Words, Quip Master, or Motivational Speaker.

When opponents are too close, use Toxic Concoction for a quick escape or knock them away with Light ’em Up. Afterward, you’ll want to space yourself so that you’re close enough to support your teammate but far enough that your opponents can’t easily double-team you.

Be aware that smart players in Multiversus will either rush after Velma to make it difficult for her to use projectiles or take their time and combo Velma’s teammate. The solution to both of these cases is to huddle close to your teammate so they can distract your enemies.

Once enemies are damaged enough, or if they’re offstage, use Motivational Speaker, Bright Idea, and Shutterbug to finish them off.

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