Top 10 Funniest Character Suggestions for Multiversus

Top 10 Funniest Multiversus Character Suggestions

From Marvel’s latest films and series to Everything Everywhere All at Once, the world is ablaze with multiversal love. The newest game capitalizing on this trend is the platform fighter Multiversus. It’s an addictive Smash-like platform fighter with an insane combination of characters. You can have LeBron James and Superman fight Arya Stark and Jake the Dog. No character is off-limits. This has led fans of this new game to come up with some of the silliest character suggestions, many of which are actually plausible! Today, we’re hitting you with some of the funniest Multiversus character suggestions.

All the characters listed below are under the WB umbrella are are possible to bring into the game – even if the suggestions themselves are exceedingly silly.

10. The Mask

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Somebody stop him!

If you were alive in the ’90s, you couldn’t escape seeing this ugly green mug when the film came out. It was released at the height of Jim Carrey’s comedy career. The character utilized Carrey’s stellar slapstick skills in such a cartoonish way, he would make a great assassin or mage with a wild move set. Given that WB own the rights to the Mask, it is quite possible we might see him pop up in Multiversus.

9. Big Ed (90 Day Fiance)

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These are the eyes of a man who shared a cold bucket shower with his ex-girlfriend’s father and a sick rat.

Big Ed is an infamous 90 Day Fiance cast member with a penchant for lying to young women to get them to sleep with him. He would be a great addition to the game’s roster as he is quite punchable already in real life. He could be a bruiser who attempts to smooch, gaslight, and greatly annoy his foes to fill his desperation meter for a deadly attack where he lies about wanting children.

8. Old Joseph Joestar (Jojo)

Old Joseph Joestar
Oh, no!

Warner Bros. Japan owns the rights to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure meaning that any of the characters are fair game. I suggest old Joseph due to his entire character being comedy gold. His penchant for English swears would make for great interactive lines with the rest of the cast.

7. Mister T (Cartoon Form)

He pities the fool who doesn’t practice his combos.

Back in the day, there were loads of cartoons for random celebrities. Even Gary Coleman had his own cartoon! Mister T, famed for his role in the A-Team and that Night Elf mohawk WoW ad, would be a perfect addition as he was in a cartoon made by the company Ruby Spears. He is a buff, tough bad ass that would make the perfect bruiser or tank. Yes, we have the complete guide for you to play as Iron Giant in Multiversus too.

6. Phoebe (Friends)

Friends Phoebe Central Perk
Did we ever find out what they were feeding smelly cat?

While the TV show Friends is owned by NBC and Universal, it’s currently streaming exclusively on HBO owned by WB. She was the wackiest of the cast and arguably the funniest. She could be an assassin or mage who utilizes her odd folk song stylings to summon smelly cats and beat opponents over the head with her guitar.

5. Chuck Norris (Cartoon Form)

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The dark is afraid of this man.

No, we’re not in the Barrens chat in vanilla WoW. Just like Mister T, Chuck Norris had his own Ruby Spears cartoon. Although his legend has faded a bit in the last decade and change, Norris was a top-tier internet meme for many years in the ’00s. Who doesn’t want to see him roundhouse kick your favorite childhood cartoon characters?

4. Godzilla and Godzooky (Hannah Barbara)

Godzilla Cartoon Godzooky Cameo In Godzilla Movie
He looks awfully close to dropping that boat and smashing a head in.

What Scrappy is to Scooby, Godzooky is to Godzilla. Back in the ’70s, Hannah Barbara (owned by WB!) released a cartoon starring everyone’s favorite kaiju and his cutesy nephew. These two could be a great duo to add to Multiversus with Godzooky being a flying assassin who fills up a meter to tag his uncle in with a similar level of tankiness to the Iron Giant.

3. Mr. America (DC)

Mr. Americajsa
Mr. America: The Worst Avenger

You read that correctly. Mr. America – DC’s answer to Marvel’s Captain. This character is a testament to the long history of Marvel and DC “borrowing” character ideas from each other. He is a former FBI agent with two exploding whips – not very exciting. Multiversus could bring in the newer Jeffrey Graves version of Mr. America as the original fought some of the most racist characters to grace DC’s pages in the olden days. On second thought, maybe we don’t bring any of them in at all.

2. Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

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The face of the deadliest social assassin on Earth.

Everyone’s favorite chronic complainer and social norm breaker stars in a show owned by HBO meaning he could make it into Multiversus. There is a wealth of shtick and cringe that Larry has blessed the world with over the 11 seasons of the show that would make for some amazing moves. He could open a spite store to fall on his enemy’s heads, buff his allies with an accidental text on purpose, or even just smash heads with his favorite golf club.

1. Walter White (Breaking Bad)

He is the one who knocks.

This suggestion comes courtesy of almost the entire Multiversus fandom. Breaking Bad’s former high school teacher turned super meth creating drug lord is such a popular suggestion that the game’s lead developer, Tony Huynh, has acknowledged it on Twitter. Out of all the silly character suggestions in this list, this one is the most likely to be done just by pure demand. Walter could be a mage who uses his famous blue methamphetamine or his criminal connections to mess his enemies up in combat. He could even come with a taunt where he throws a pizza on someone’s house!

Do you have any funny, campy, weird, or even just plain old good suggestions for new characters in Multiversus? Be sure to also check out our guide to the best perks in the game.