The Best Minecraft Roleplay Servers to Lose Yourself in

The Best Minecraft Roleplay Servers Feature

Instantly recognizable, Minecraft has become a household name inspiring young and old alike to constructively generate their daydreams in the now-familiar voxel art style.

Minecraft roleplay servers take your imagination even further by allowing the player to invent and vicariously live their fictional aliases through imaginary settings alongside hundreds of other people.

Deep customization and immersive lore often permeate the core of roleplay servers and the level of absorption within its communities is without boundaries. A vast number of themes are available, from wizarding wonderlands to gritty modern metropolises.

Below we have some of the best Minecraft Roleplay servers to accommodate your desire for fantastical escapism.

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1. Democracy Craft

Democracy Craft is Minecraft’s largest City RP and takes on a more serious role as host of a fully functioning democratic society.

Democracy Craft

This world is completely governed and run by its players and aims to create a capitalistic marvel that involves ambitious motivations and business cunning. This huge cityscape is home to over 40,000 registered players all fighting their way to the top of the corporate ladder through honest hard work or high-risk enterprises.

The economy is realistically simulated, as are the everyday stresses of needing to earn a buck. Options are endless. Players can work a regular 9-5 or create their own businesses to hire others. You can even run for president. Anything it takes to manifest that rags-to-riches story.

Fantasy and realism are evenly balanced in an epic social simulation, whether you you choose to live a humble existence or strive for that life of luxury.

2. SchoolRP

For some reason, people of all ages are perpetually keen to get back into the classroom and SchoolRP gives them that opportunity. School roleplay has been hugely popular among Minecraft fans and this server is the most popular among them.


As a new student in a fictional Japanese school, you advance through five different academic stages, moving up in grades sequentially. Players can relive their school days or go back in time to enact their classroom fantasies.

Get to class on time, make new friends in social cliques, join extracurricular clubs or even work your way up to becoming a teacher in the school. SchoolRP is the perfect place to spend your time after a hard day at work… or at school, for that matter.

3. Potterworld

It probably won’t take you long figure out what universe this server is set in. Potterworld transports us to the overwhelmingly famous world of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter in this instantly recognizable guise of Hogwarts.


Potterworld constantly keeps its magical world updated with new content. You can explore and discover all your favorite H.P. locations, meeting thousands of new wizards and witches along your way.

Enrol in the legendary school of magic to learn spells and alchemy, and play Quidditch as you embark on a journey of knowledge and adventure to rival that undertaken by the greatest wizard of modern times.

4. Wynncraft

At its busiest Wynncraft is one of the most popular and populated Minecraft servers around. A character class system is utilized in this fantasy RPG involving magic, skills and missions.

Wynncraft 1

You roam freely around this enchanted realm – exploring, completing quests and building your reputation. Like a regular RPG, you spend your time leveling up and shaping your character with spells, characteristics and skills.

Wynncraft has deep lore and administrators recommend keeping track of your own story by writing everything down for full immersion. You can even contact them to request personalized NPCs to be created.

Choices matter in Wynncraft and everything has consequences making this a truly involved endeavor. Killing leads to imprisonment and crime puts a price on your head. Likewise doing good deeds will boost your popularity. In a world that often has thousands of unique characters playing at the same time, all eyes are on you.

5. Purple Prison

As a ‘prison server’ might suggest, players are confined within the boundaries of this anarchistic jail. To escape, you must mine for gems and treasure in order to accumulate enough wealth to rank up, pay off your evil alien wardens and abscond from a grueling life sentence.

Purple Prison

If the cumbersome act of excavating wealth gets too much, players can start their own illegal black market on the side to make money. Any way to break free from the Purple Prison

The environment is detailed with yards, cells and other buildings to explore and interact with, with daily PvP events arranged for members. This server has been around since 2014 and still remains one of the most popular with millions of members of all different ages and abilities.

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