11 of the Best Anime Weapons And Why They’re So Cool

Anime Weapons Baal Magi Adventure Of Sinbad

Anime covers so many genres, so many worlds, and so many subjects, but one thing most anime has in common is that they feature warriors. And with these warriors, there are also some of the most amazing weapons. Here we round up the best of the best weapons and why they’re so cool. 

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1. Asta’s Swords From Black Clover

While anime showcases some of the most beautifully designed weapons in fiction, Asta’s swords aren’t among them. That’s not to say they’re ugly, just that they’re rather plain in appearance. They are, however, veritable game-changers in the world of Black Clover as they allow Asta to totally nullify magic.

Anime Weapons Asta Sword Black Clover

Given that the Black Clover world essentially runs on magic, having the ability to not only combat it but negate it entirely evens the odds in even the most unwinnable situations.

Asta’s swords are also very handy in a practical sense; unlike the traditional sword that needs carrying around, Asta can simply summon these using his grimoire.

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2. Saika From Durarara!!

When inventing weapons with the power to defeat any enemy, the ability to enslave anyway slashed by the blade is certainly a good place to start. Whoever wields Saika need only land a single blow to place a person under their control. Slaves can then go forth and enslave others to the will of their master by similarly slashing them. 

Anime Weapons Saika Durarara

This could surely be a weapon to take over the world, were you that way inclined. The downside to Saika is that it takes a real mental toll. The more you use it, the worse that becomes, until you are eventually driven insane.

3. The Totsuka Blade From Naruto: Shippuden

While this may not be a conventional sword, the Totsuka blade that features in Naruto: Shippuden is certainly a formidable weapon. So formidable, in fact, that we can credit the Totsuka blade’s immense power as the reason Itachi is such a mega powerhouse.

Anime Weapons Totsuka Blade Shippuden

The blade is capable of cutting like a regular sword (albeit via an eight-headed hydra), yet it also seals anyone it pierces away forever in genjutsu world. The power of the sword is so great that it can overpower any other magical thrall a person may be under in order to banish them to the shadow realm.

4. Baal From Magi: Adventure of Sinbad

One quirky feature of the Magi universe is the existence of relics in the form of metal vessels that possess the immense power of a certain Djinn. There are several of these relics, and it’s tricky deciding which is the most powerful, as they are all astonishingly potent.

Anime Weapons Baal Magi Adventure Of Sinbad

If one must be chosen that is more powerful than the rest, Baal is arguably the most obvious choice. Sinbad has clearly proven that destroying an entire mountain is no sweat at all when you have this metal vessel at your disposal. From a power perspective, the ability to unleash such a burst of raw power is certainly handy. 

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5. The Dominator From Psycho-Pass

One of the great things about Psycho-Pass is how nuanced it is. And the same is true of the Dominator, which not only has a great deal of raw power, but also the power to influence people. Pointing the Dominator at a person tells you whether or not they’re a criminal. Well, mostly, it does backfire on occasion. 

Anime Weapons Dominator Psycho Pass

A nifty weapon, the Dominator also allows you to take down anyone in your sight line with a one-shot. Since the Dominator detects criminals, doing so comes without all the nasty social and legal repercussions of wandering around shooting random people; your actions are always seen as justified.

Essentially it grants you the power to judge and immunity for doing so.

The only issue with the Dominator is that it can glitch, and if the person you point it at is abnormal, it may simply disintegrate into a pile of junk.

6. Murasame From Akame ga Kill!

For a show with the word ‘kill’ in the title you would expect there to be a fair bit of death going on, and you would be right. Murasame (or, arguably, Akame wielding Murasame) is responsible for a great deal of this. 

Anime Weapons Murasame Akame Ga Kill

A sword of immense power, even a graze from its lethal edge can lead to your imminent downfall. As with many awesome weapons in anime worlds, wielding a sword of such power takes a toll, in this case, putting considerable staring on the psyche of whoever is using it. The bonus is it’s just strain your experience, while your enemies are very much dead. 

7. Samehada From Naruto: Shippuden

If you’re looking for an anime weapon that not only has badass potential but looks like it comes straight from hell, the Samehada was made for you. One of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) of the seven deadly mist swords, Samehada is sentient and capable of draining the chakra from anyone foolish enough to allow it to touch them.

Anime Weapons Samehada Naruto Shippuden

A short knife covered in spines with a gaping, toothy mouth at the end Samehada also has the power to aid the wielder in combat. Add to that the fact the sword possesses free will, and you’re faced with a weapon capable of deciding on a whim it will no longer be your weapon.

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8. Kurikara From Ao no Exorcist

While Kurikara is immensely powerful, its strength is highly situational. When it’s wielded by the average person it’s just a pretty, pointy sword. Put it in Rin’s hands, however, and this sword shines.

Anime Weapons Kurikara Ao No Exorcist

In this case, the sword and master complement each other perfectly. The weapon is able to suppress and harness all of Rin’s considerable power, ensuring it doesn’t become out of control and is focused on a goal.

If you’re not familiar enough with Ao no Exorcist to understand the implication here, this sword is literally capable of controlling the power of Satan.

Pretty impressive.

9. The Scissor Blade From Kill la Kill

Granted, when listing the most powerful, coolest anime weapons of all time, a pair of scissors may not be the thing that immediately springs to mind. If you do take the time to consider scissors, you would be forgiven for pointing to Sheele from Akame ga Kill.

Anime Weapons Scissor Blade Kill La Kill

And yet, the Scissor Blade has all the power and potential of Sheele and some. Capable of cutting through anything, completely unbreakable, this is a scissor blade somehow capable of changing its size as well as cutting through life fiber; a material that’s pretty much indestructible by any other means.

10. The Bow and Arrow From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

There are a lot of weird and wonderful things in the JoJo ‘verse, but arguably the most vital is the bow and arrow. While obviously capable of acting like a bow and arrow, a formidable weapon in its own right, this particular version also gives you the power of a Stand.

Anime Weapons Bow And Arrow Jojos Bizarre Adventure

If you ever want a shot at going up against one of the main characters in this world, you need a Stand. The bow and arrow are also able to gift your Stand with enhanced abilities, including a general upgrade and a big power boost that increases over time.

Sure, you might die from trying to wield it, but that’s a small price to play for a shot at being this powerful.

11. Pumpkin From Akame ga Kill!

While pumpkins and Halloween go hand in hand, the humble Jack ‘o Lantern isn’t generally the part of this festival that strikes fear in the hearts of onlookers. We love pumpkins. They’re fun, quirky, occasionally creeps, but not generally sinister, powerful, or outright terrifying.

Anime Weapons Pumpkin Akame Ga Kill

That is, of course, assuming you’ve never watched Akame ga Kill!

In this universe, the word ‘pumpkin’ is enough to strike terror in the heart of the fiercest warrior.

To be clear, this isn’t an actual pumpkin, but an incredibly powerful gun capable of decimating anyone and everyone in its path. There’s a bit of a psychic connection to the wielder going on with pumpkin. The more threatened the wielder feels, the more frightened they are, and the more powerful the gun’s blast becomes.

You don’t want to jump-scare anyone with this thing in their hand.

11. The Death Note From Death Note

The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword. Never was that truer than in the world of Death Note. Essentially a notebook that allows you to kill a person simply by writing in their name and how they will die, the Death Note is arguably the ultimate weapon of all anime weapons.

Anime Weapons The Death Note

Yes, there are some complexities to how and when it can be used. And no, it’s not without its pitfalls and drawback (not least being followed around by an apple-addicted demon). But the Death Note does exactly what it says on the tin.

You write a note, someone dies. Usually, in a highly imaginative and unpredictable manner (that would be part of the complications). Let everyone in that world be exceedingly grateful the tale wasn’t set a few years later, or Light would have had social media at his disposal and it’s doubtful anyone would have survived.

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