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If you’ve been on an aggressive losing streak in Multiversus 2 vs 2 mode, then this is the guide for you. 2 vs 2 in Multiversus can be a hard game mode to navigate correctly since there’s so much happening on the screen.

Figuring out the optimal way to win these matches when you can’t talk to your teammate is another headache to deal with. To help you understand what you should be doing and to go over the strategies you should be thinking about to win 2 vs 2 games of Multiversus, we’ve made this guide to help you out of your slump.

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Figure Out Your Team’s Strategy

If you’re playing with a friend or a random, figure out what your strategy is and how it applies to your opponents. Look at your team composition and think of what it does well, what counters to expect, and how it applies to the stage you’re about to hop into.

Multiversus 2 Vs 2 Bugs

For example, if you’re a Bugs and Velma team, then your team’s ability to fill the screen with projectiles and control space is a massive strength. Be aware that ‘School Me Once’ is a perk that will most likely be used to get into your face to stop you from creating more projectiles. To prepare for that, take more movement and cooldown perks, and be prepared to run away with your teammate when possible. If your teammate is staying in the fight, it’s up to you whether to reposition to help them or leave the fight and set up projectiles on the other side of the map.

When you’re playing on a map like Trophy’s E.D.G.E 2, then plan on taking control of a side platform, using that position to fill the center stage with projectiles, and then move into the center stage when your opponents are at a high enough damage. This way you can gain center stage control, and have a plan for how to capitalize on your projectile usage.

Split Them Up and Force 2v1s

In Multiversus, when your 2 vs 2 breaks down into two separate 1 vs 1 situations, you may find a lull in your duel (like when you knock your opponent off stage). At that point you have one of two options – continue fighting that same player, or run over to your partner and help them with their opponent.

Multiversus 2 Vs 2 Split up

In most games you’ll want to run over and help your teammate. Forcing a 2v1 is an almost assured way to heavily damage one opponent and keep your teammate safe at the same time. Be aware that when you do this, please, for your teammate’s sake, do not walk in with a move that will knock your opponent toward the other opponent. You’re robbing your teammate of an opportunity to combo with you and doing your opponents a favor by resetting the entire situation.

When you assist your teammate, knock opponents offstage for an easy edgeguard, or bounce them off the ground so your teammate can follow up with a combo. This way you and your teammate can work together to rack up damage or secure a knockout. If one of you knocks the opponent too high or too far to safely continue the combo, then be prepared to rush over and force a 2v1 on the other opponent.

The only time where you should choose to continue your 1v1 is if you know you will walk away with a knockout. If you notice your teammate make this decision, your job in your 1v1 is to stall out the fight – winning your duel is a bonus at this point. Don’t let your opponent rush over to assist their teammate, and control as much space as you can so that even if your opponent tries to break away, they will take damage for their troubles.

Know When To ‘Play Your Life’

If there’s one piece of advice you should take away from this guide, it’s knowing when you should “play your life,” meaning, do everything in your power to stay alive at all costs. Identifying when you’re in this situation and playing it well is the difference between a bad teammate and an amazing one.

Staying Alive

Here’s a fairly common example: both you and your teammate just knocked out an opponent and both teams are now on game point. However, the opposing team doesn’t have very much damage on them while you (or your teammate) have over 100% damage. What do you do now?

If you’re the damaged player, the answer is to run away. A smart team will focus on you because you’re an easy kill. Don’t let that happen, run away to the best of your ability. This situation is also where players will make a common mistake – they focus so hard on running away that they’ll abandon their teammate to a permanent 2v1 scenario. While you’re running away, don’t run so far that you can’t support your teammate. Ideally, you should put your undamaged teammate between you and the enemy team. If they want to get to you, they have to go through your teammate and burn resources to close the gap quickly. In doing so, you’re opening up more opportunities for you and your teammate to build up damage on the opposing team and score the last knockout.

Choose Targets Carefully When Opponents Play Their Life

If your opponents are the ones with a heavily damaged character, then you’ll want to chase down that player and secure the kill. Securing the win from this situation is a bit of a balancing act. The straight forward option is to chase down the damaged character and finish them off. However, you can’t ignore the threat of the undamaged opponent. Plus, some characters can be more elusive than others, making it a nightmare to chase them down.

Team fight! Focus on the weakest opponent!

In situations like that, it’s better to just team combo the undamaged partner. Again, 2v1s are an almost assured way to safely wrack up damage. Comboing the undamaged teammate forces the damaged player to choose between getting closer to help their teammate or staying away and letting the combo happen.

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