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Need more explosive power in your repertoire? Sorceries in Elden Ring vary between tickling your enemies with a whimper and obliterating your foes with a roar. While every spell has the potential to perform well if you dedicate a build to it, the best sorceries can trivialize every enemy encounter with almost no setup, or atomize everything you look at when put in the right conditions.

Sorcerers of the Lands Between, don’t settle for mediocrity. We’ve made a list of the sorceries you should use to make your god-slaying adventures a little easier.

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1. Comet Azur


  • 60 Intelligence
  • FP 40 then 10 per second.

Location: Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir. Talk to Primeval Sorcerer Azur.

  • Nearest Sight of Grace: Seethewater Cave (Azur also has his own site of grace)

If you’ve seen videos of Tarnished melting through bosses in a matter of seconds, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen Comet Azur. The infamous laser beam itself, Azur Comet is the strongest sorcery in the game. The spell will have your Tarnished briefly charge up before firing a massive laser at your target.

Best Sorceries Azur
Image source: S12GAMES/YouTube

On its own, Comet Azur is an alright sorcery. However, it becomes a boss-blending Death Star beam when you combine it with the right items. Those items are Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, Azur’s Glintstone Crown, Terra Magicus, Mage’s Shrouding Cracked Tear, and most importantly, the Cerulean Hidden Tear.

Elden Ring Best Sorceries Azur Map
Azur’s location is shown here. Seethewater Cave is just north of this location.

When all of these pieces are combined, Comet Azur will deal a ridiculous amount of damage and, thanks to the Cerulean Hidden Tear, you’ll be able to fire it without any FP usage for 10 seconds.

2. Rock Sling


  • Intelligence 18
  • FP 18

Location: In a chest in the Streets of Sages Ruin

  • Nearest Site of Grace: Aeonia Swamp Shore
Best Sorceries Rock
Image source: S12Games/YouTube

Rock Sling should be nicknamed “Ol’ Reliable” because, right next to Glintstone Pebble, it’s the most reliable spell for any sorcerer. It does fantastic damage, amazing poise damage, has a medium casting speed, and it’s one of the few spells that deal physical damage, which means it’s useful against enemies with strong magical resistances. On top of all this, the rocks themselves have an absurdly long range, allowing you to pelt most targets from a safe distance.

Elden Ring Best Sorceries Rock Map

What makes it one of the best sorceries is how accessible it is from an early level. 18 Intelligence is easy to reach, and its possible to get into Caelid early in the game through a teleportation chest. Once there, players can grab this spell with the Gravity Staff which gives Rock Sling even more damage.

3. Terra Magica


  • Intelligence 20
  • FP 20

Location: Found in a tower after completing the Academy Crystal Cave.

  • Nearest Site of Grace: Temple Quarter
Elden Ring Best Sorceries Terra
Image source: ThornBush/YouTube

Terra Magica enables sorcerers to cruise-control their way through almost anything the Lands Between can throw at them. It creates a glowing circle that increases all magical damage by a hefty 35% for everyone in the circle. This means, if you plan on bombarding enemies from afar with any long range spells, then Terra Magica will turn your mystical artillery into devastating weapons of mass destruction. It’s also the only sorcery that provides a damage buff, which makes it fits into any intelligence-heavy build. Plus, if you use the Mimic Tear, your mimic can summon this circle for your convenience too.

Elden Ring Best Sorceries Terra Map
Terra Magica is in a lift just behind Academy Crystal Caves. Temple Quarter is just southwest from here.

The important thing to keep in mind is that it increases all magical damage. This includes weapons like Rosus’ Axe that inherently deals magical damage. However, be aware that this will not increase the damage from spells like the Magma sorceries because their primary form of damage is fire, not magic.

4. Stars of Ruin


  • Intelligence 43
  • FP 38

Location: Follow Sellen’s questline, talk to Master Lusat just past the arcane ward in the Sellia Hideaway.

  • Nearest Site of Grace: Sellia Hideaway
Elden Ring Best Sorceries Stars
Source: Lark/YouTube

Right next to Rivers of Blood, Stars of Ruin is the scourge of PvP right now. It fires 12 homing beams that deal a sizable chunk of damage to anything it touches. Along with that, it gets a 15% damage increase from Lusat’s Glintstone crown, making it one of the few sorceries that gets a damage buff from a unique helmet.

Elden Ring Best Sorceries Stars Map
Master Lusat is found in the Sellia Hideway pictured here.

For players, dodging Stars of Ruin usually requires you to drop everything you’re doing and repeatedly dodge to one side or sprint. Alternatively, if you can get close enough, you can dodge through the beams and hit the sorcerer themselves. However, that’s also why Stars of Ruin is commonly paired with spells like Founding Rain of Stars or Zamor Ice Storm because these spells deal damage to anything that gets too close.

5. Loretta’s Greatbow


  • Intelligence 26
  • FP 28

Location: Caria Manor after defeating Royal Knight Loretta.

  • Nearest Site of Grace: Manor Upper Level
Elden Ring Best Sorceries Loretta
Image source: Shrimpdealer/YouTube

Loretta’s Greatbow wins the award for one of the most deeply satisfying sorceries to use. It has a massive range for a spell, decent tracking, can be charged for more damage, and free-aiming it (not using lock-on) feels like you’re picking off enemies with a sniper rifle.

Loretta Map
Royal Knight Loretta is found here at the Royal Moongazing Grounds. The Manor Upper Level Site of Grace is southeast from here.

Its biggest issue is that it’s slow to fully charge and slow to fire. This makes it a great tool for PvE because it deals massive chunks of damage against unaware targets or large targets like bosses. For PvP, it’s very easily dodged if your opponent sees you use it. However, if you’re a sneaky invader, or if you’re been summoned as a cooperator, Loretta’s Greatbow is one of the best spells to take advantage of their obliviousness. It’s also a hilariously fun way to punish your opponent if they roll too predictably.

6. Night Maiden’s Mist


  • Intelligence 14
  • FP 20

Location: Purchased from Gowry for 5000 Runes.

  • Nearest Site of Grace: South Aeonia Swamp Bank

Night Maiden’s Mist feels like you’re using bug spray except the bugs are all of the enemies you’ll meet in Elden Ring’s PvE. Just spray the mist at your foes watch them succumb to the spell’s ridiculous damage rate. It’s that easy and requires no set up. It’s also surprisingly effective against a majority of bosses too. If your target has a lot of health, then feel free to pepper in some Glintstone Pebbles for good measure.

Gowry Location
Gowry can be found in his shack circled here.

The reason this works is the AI doesn’t react to the damage from the spell and only reacts to the initial cast. Once casted, you can then lead your enemies into the mist and circle around them until they eventually keel over.

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