Best Consumable Items in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has some crazy powerful items that are flying under the radar.

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Consumable items are often overlooked in Elden Ring. After all, why use a powerful item with limited uses (like the Uplifting Aromatic) when there’s a weaker but more sustainable option available like the Opaline Bubbletear in your physick flask? Well, to that we say: ‘Why not use both?’

To help players get out of that trap, we’ve made a list of the best consumables in Elden Ring that you should have in that quick-use bar (or at least in your inventory).

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1. Blood Grease

The bleed effect is one of the most powerful ones in Elden Ring, so it’s little wonder that one of the more popular builds for players has been a Bleed build. The idea is that the higher your bleed-inflicting abilities, the faster the Bleed meter fills up on an enemy, eventually culminating in a quite devastating explosion of bloody damage.

Elden Ring Best Consumable Items Blood Grease 2 1

If you’re not already packing a bleed-inflicting weapon, then Blood Grease will apply the Bleed effect to any weapon you wield. You can also stack it onto a weapon that already afflicts bleed buildup.


  • 1x Root Resin – Usually found near roots of minor Erdtrees and after defeating catacomb bosses
  • 1x Bloodrose – Near Stormhill Shack, in the cemetery filled with jellyfish.


  • Coats armament, inflicting blood loss.


  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (6), found in Fort Haight on dead body at top of the main stairs.
Elden Ring Best Consumable Items Blood Grease

2. Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

If you plan on farming for runes or expect to get through an area that’s teeming with easily defeated enemies, then the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot will become your new best friend. It provides an additional 30% more runes for three minutes, meaning more levels, more smithing stones, and more upgrades. The buff also doesn’t expire when you rest at a site of grace, so you can reset the enemies as many times as you please.

Elden Ring Items Pickled


  • 3x Rowa Fruit – main road near Jarburg Site of Grace (common throughout game)
  • 1x Four-Toed Fowl Foot – eagles that sit on clifftops
  • 1x Gold Firefly – octopus lake near Tower of Return


  • Boosts runes gained by 30% for three minutes.


  • Missionary’s Cookbook (2), sold by Patches near the Murkwater Cave Site of Grace
Items Pickled Location
Location of Murkwater Cave where Missionary’s Cookbook (2) is found.

3. Preserving Boluses

When you first find them, Preserving Boluses may not seem that useful, but later in your Elden Ring career they’ll become invaluable to builds that aren’t running Faith.

Elden Ring Items Boluses1

Later in the game, you’re going to dive through plenty of areas where Scarlet Rot becomes a massive threat. As a result, these boluses are worth their weight in gold (or, well, Runes) since the only other way to remove Scarlet Rot is through the spell Flame Cleanse Me, which requires a Seal and 12 faith to use.


  • 2x Dewkissed Herba – near Siofra Riverbank Site of Grace
  • 1x Crystal Cave Moss – Stillwater Cave, The Academy Crystal Cave
  • 1x Sacramental Bud – Writheblood Ruins near the Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace.


  • Cures Scarlet Rot and removes its buildup.


  • Armorer’s Cookbook (6), found near the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace in Nokrom.
Elden Ring Items Boluses Location2
Location of Armorer’s Cookbook (6) near Siofra River Bank.

4. Ironjar Aromatic

Casting the Ironjar Aromatic will turn your body to metal – increases poise, damage, negation and all of your resistances. There are a few downsides like a weakness to lightning and slowed movement, but if you’re against a boss, a horde of enemies, or an aggressive invader, then there is a good chance your opponent is going to be running at you anyway. Once it’s on, you’ll become a walking war machine, strolling through heavy blows that would disintegrate your fellow tarnished and replying with your own unstoppable attacks.

Elden Ring Items Ironjar


  • 2x Atlus Bloom – found all over the Atlus Plateau
  • 1x Budding Cave Moss – along the walls in the Stillwater Cave and Academy Crystal Cave
  • 3x Living Jar Shard – Living Jar enemies, which can be farmed close to the Secluded Cell Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle.


  • Uses FP to gain a buff to poise, damage negation, and resistances for 40 seconds. However, you’ll be weaker to lightning, stuck to a slow walk speed, and your rolls are now heavy rolls.


  • Perfumer’s Cookbook (3), found near the Auriza Side Tomb Site of Grace.
Elden Ring Items Ironjar Location1
Perfumer’s Cookbook (3) is found inside of the Auriza Side Tomb.

5. Bloodboil Aromatic

One of the best buff items in Elden Ring, the Bloodboil Aromatic is an easy way to gain a sizable increase to your attack. It comes with the downside of taking more damage, but if you’re comfortable with dodging or if you’re using spells that deal physical damage from a distance like Rock Sling, then the downside is negligible.

Elden Ring Item Bloodboil1 Edited

Despite how amazing this aromatic is, its biggest problem is finding a way to farm its ingredients. Arteria Leaves are hard to come by in the early game and a small amount of it can be found before you reach the Mountaintops of the Giants.


  • 2x Atlus Bloom – found all over the Atlus Plateau
  • 1x Budding Cave Moss – along the walls in the Stillwater Cave and Academy Crystal Cave.
  • 1x Land Octopus Ovary – dropped from the Land Octopus enemies. Can be farmed at the lake near The Temple Quarter Site of Grace.
  • 1x Arteria Leaf – found in limited quantities around the map, can only be farmed by slaying the Fuzzy Trolls near the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace.


  • Increases your physical damage by 30%, but you take more damage. Lasts for a minute.


  • Perfumer’s Cookbook (2), found near the Shaded Castle Inner Gate Site of Grace.
Items Bloodboil Location
Location of Perfumer’s Cookbook (2).

6. Uplifting Aromatic

Out of all the consumables in Elden Ring, this one is the most flexible. It’s amazing for PvE – it buffs your damage, your allies’ damage, provides protection against massive attacks, and if you have a Mimic Tear, your mimic will buff and protect you for free.

In PvP, it has the benefit of protecting mobs if you’re invading or protecting your cooperators if you’re cooperating. The only downside is if you use it too close to an enemy, then they’ll get the benefits too, so use it far away from them.

Elden Ring Items Uplifting

While Opaline Bubbletear does a similar effect, the biggest difference is how many you can hold and how long the effect is. There’s only one physick flask and its effect lasts a whopping three minutes. Uplifting Aromatics only last 30 seconds, but you hold 10 of them. In effect, keeping these in your inventory can protect you from more lethal hits compared to the physick’s one.


  • 1x Atlus Bloom – found all over the Atlus Plateau
  • 1x Budding Cave Moss – along the walls in the Stillwater Cave and Academy Crystal Cave.
  • 1x Silver Tear Husk – Night’s Sacred Ground Site of Grace in Nokrom.
  • 1x Arteria Leaf – found in limited quantities around the map, can only be farmed by slaying the Fuzzy Trolls near the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace.


  • Increases physical damage by 10% and 90% damage reduction for the next hit.


  • Perfumer’s Cookbook (1), in the Perfumer’s Ruins near the Unsightly Catacombs Site of Grace inside of a wooden chest.
Items Uplifting Location
Location of Perfumer’s Cookbook (1).

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