How Destiny 2’s Brand New Weapon Crafting System Could Be a Game Changer

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Weapon Crafting Featured

Finally! The Destiny 2 fanbase has been pleading for a weapon crafting system since the launch of the original Destiny back in 2014. With the game’s incredible amount of weapons, sometimes it can get a little difficult to please the RNGods to get that perfect roll on the weapon you want. The weapon crafting system fixes this.

While the details are still somewhat unknown on the entirety of the system, Bungie has revealed some key details in interviews leading to the highly anticipated expansion: The Witch Queen – an expansion to the already gigantic shared world shooter.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releases on February 22, 2022 on PC. PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Xbox Series.

Combat Crafting

The crafting system will be what game director Joe Blackburn and general manager Justin Truman call combat-based. They want you to form a deep connection with your weapon, and make that specific drop unique instead of instantly deleting your weapon if it dropped with unwanted perks.

This likely means that with time and completing objectives, you’ll be able to morph your weapon into exactly what you it to be. The estimated time to be able to forge a weapon is still not known, but a reasonable guess would be around 3-4 hours of completing objectives with that gun, but that won’t be the only thing you would be doing.

Destiny 2 likes you to target multiple objectives at the same time, to make it feel less grindy and give you a greater sense of accomplishment when they are all completely within a short time frame. They also stated that a veteran player hoarding resources won’t have an advantage over a new player in crafting, implying that the resource used to craft weapons will be an entirely new currency.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting System 1
A warlock wielding the brand new weapon archetype: The Glaive

This brings the glaive into play, the brand new weapon archetype. Destiny is not unfamiliar with melee weapons as they added the sword archetype in The Taken King expansion back in 2015, but the glaive is a sort of ultra-hybrid of a sword and gun that can block, shoot and stab. Bungie also mentioned that glaives aren’t ordinary world drops like all other weapons, but can only be crafted. It seems that they’re really pushing the new weapon crafting feature as a key system for the future of the game.

One issue pertaining to this system is that it’s going to affect vault space in the game – every gamer’s primeval fear! Vault space is storage space, and as of now it’s locked to 500 slots. While that may seem like plenty enough, with the growing entourage of weapons and armor pieces to obtain it gets difficult to prevent your vault space from filling up quick. The game has been incentivizing experimentation with builds and playing how you desire, but the devs have always been stingy about increasing that limited space.

ReVaulting Issues

The concern arises from the fact that with the arrival of the new weapon crafting system along with the hoard of weapons that’ll be added in the upcoming expansion, that players’ vaults will fill up too quickly. The vault issue has been a problem since the beginning of Destiny, and was alleviated a little in the 2017 Forsaken expansion where a collections tab was added to the game, which allowed for some breathing space when it came to hoarding. Even after this, we players just can’t resist filling up our storage spaces, unwilling to dismantle anything.

Some people may entirely disagree with it being more difficult to manage vault space due to the weapon crafting system, arguing that it would actually alleviate it. Because the full details of the system are still yet unknown, there is speculation that you may able to make weapons that have multiple different perk pools. In Destiny 2, weapons can only drop with a few columns of perks to choose between, (somewhat similar to picking skill trees) but as stated by the team was due to technical limitations. It is still unclear if the problem has been resolved or not.

While the exact issue was unknown, the new generations of the PS5 and Xbox Series X may be able to fix that. We’ve already seen the new consoles herald changes such as shaders – the coloring and customizing of your gear – being changed from existing a consumable item, to permanent ownership of it. This exact change applied to the mod system too, making it not too out of reach to assume it may too be applicable to weapon perks.

The new generational hardware may eventually allow players to add more and more columns of perks to their weapons via weapon crafting, letting us keep one variant of the weapon instead of hoarding 15 different rolls of the same gun. Destiny 2 is a game that requires you to have multiple different weapons and armors ready for different situations, and weapon crafting could either make or break it entirely.

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