The Best Online HTML5 Games That Don’t Require Flash Player

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As flash is now retired, we’re welcoming of HTML5 has taken its place. HTML5 games are lightweight and are not as resources intensive as flash games. Basically, all you need is a modern browser and you can start playing immediately. Here are some of the best online HTML5 games that do not require flash.

1. Angry Birds

Best Html5 Games Angry Birds

Powered by HTML5, Angry Birds is as much fun today as it was when it first launched. Gameplay won’t be a surprise for anyone who played the game previously. You are charged with strategically shooting your bird from a slingshot at just the right angle and distance toward a group of green hungry pigs. Clearing the level requires you to eliminate all of the pigs. Fortunately, gameplay can be far more challenging which is part of the reason this game is so much fun.


Best Html5 Games Slitherio

Just like the days of Snake from your old Nokia phone, is a blast to play online. Essentially, you are a snack whose job is to eat various dots and get longer and longer. The longer you get, the more difficult it is to navigate and avoid your opponents. Hit any of the opposing snakes head-on and it’s game over. Should another snake run into your body, it’s game over for them. That you can dress your snake up in various colors and styles is just one of the many reasons you need to give this title a try.

3. Spelunky

Best Html5 Games Spelunky

If you have ever wanted to live your dream of being Indiana Jones, Spelunky is the game for you. This 2D platformer requires you to fight through obstacles and various enemies with your trusty whip. While there are many weapons available throughout the game, your whip is your best ally. Each level is randomly generated which offers almost infinite replayability and the visual look and feel will appeal to both modern and retro gamers. There’s also a good chance you may have played this game when it was ported to the Xbox 360 back in 2012. Whether you are discovering it again or for the first time, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Wolfenstein 3D

Best Html5 Games Wolfenstein 3d

Arguably the original first-person shooter game to ever hit the computer screen, Wolfenstein 3D remains a real blast from the past. Released to the world in 1994, a lot has improved over the original. You will run through doors and take out enemies all in your quest to battle the big boss. What it lacks in style and visual flair is more than made up for it with nostalgia and an immersive experience.

5. Gods Will Be Watching

Best Html5 Games Gods Watching

Something of an apocalyptical type game, the ultimate goal in Gods Will Be Watching is to get your team through 40 days. You are in charge of everything from food, medicine, warmth, repairing the radio and so on. With the broken radio, you will have to decide how to divvy up your resources to repair it all while trying to hunt and survive with your limited hunting supplies. There is a finite amount of daily moves and it will require a few play-throughs before you even start to understand how to best balance each round. Don’t forget to take care of the fire so everyone survives the night.

6. World’s Biggest Pacman

Best Html5 Games Pacman

Another nostalgic entry on the list, the World’s Biggest Pacman is a fantastic way to waste a few minutes. There are literally thousands of different ways to play the game as each level looks completely different. Some levels may be completely open while others will force you to move quickly around barriers and immovable objects. It’s the Pacman we have known and loved for decades but with an excellent twist. The ghosts are here as well so all of the nostalgic feelings come together nicely until you start playing and have to run for your life.

7. I-SPY

Best Html5 Games Ispy

It’s Where’s Waldo in HTML5. In I-SPY, your job is to locate a variety of figures in different photos in the same way you played Where’s Waldo. Can you locate each person or animal before the time runs out? It’s harder than you think. There is just something incredibly engaging about having to locate a needle or person in a haystack while you know time is literally counting down before your very eyes. As challenging as the game is, just wait until they ask you to find an elusive fish, then the pressure really starts to mount. Simple, basic and a whole lot of fun, there is little reason not to give this game a try.

8. HexGL

Best Html5 Games Hexgl

HexGL is a whole lot of fun as you enter the world as a futuristic racer struggling to maintain control of your car. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. You need to avoid touching the walls in order to avoid slowing down and failing the course. The courses are fun and the background scenery is futuristic yet stays out of your way. When you need a quick break from studying or work, this is a great game to distract yourself from the world.


Best Html5 Games Gamepix

This is something of a bonus as every game on can be played with HTML5. Cut the Rope, Minecraft, and Flappy Bird are just a few of the dozens of games available. Each one plays beautifully in HTML5. No matter what type of game you prefer, there is an option for you.

Wrapping Up

Needless to say, there are thousands of HTML5 games out there waiting for you. The best thing is you can just fire up your browser and play them immediately. Given the huge catalog of games available, who still needs flash?

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