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Monster Train is a roguelite deckbuilder that features several different demon clans trying to reignite the fires of hell. A key mechanic of the game is that players can pair a primary clan and their champion with a secondary clan for support.

The key to choosing these clan combos is figuring out which ones will create an engine that can blow past Seraph, the final boss of the game. Every clan is capable of doing this, but some clan combos will struggle more than others.

With the new Last Divinity DLC, finding a clan combo that consistently survives the challenges of a high difficulty run and the new final boss can be difficult.

So to help you out, we’ve made a list of the best clan combos for you to play in Monster Train.

6. Hellhorned (Shardtail Queen) and the Melting Remnant

Shardtail Queen and the Remnant are a strong pair. The Remnant can resurrect her Imps and the Queen gets multiple Summon triggers each turn as long as her imps keep dying.

If players can draft a Transcendimp, Welder Helper, and Fledgling Imp, and combine them with an Endless Stone, then the rest of the run will be a breeze. Ideally, the Imperialist path for the Shardtail Queen will keep the dead imp train rolling. But if the Queen doesn’t have Imperialist, then finding cards that sacrifice Imps is a must.

Best Clans Queen

With the DLC, this combo becomes an engine of mass destruction. An Imp infused with Welder Helper smooths out the Queen’s non-Imperialist runs, providing her plenty of survivability for the final fight. The Remnant’s reanimation cards become even more powerful here since each infused Imp that gets reformed provides enough buffs to carry the run.

5. Wyrmkin (The Spine Chief) and the Awoken

The Spine Chief’s upgrade trees will always turn him into a powerhouse. Plus, he’s one of the few champions that can naturally gain multistrike. Because of this, attack and health buffs will comfortably scale him into the end game. Luckily, the Awoken specialize in both.

Best Clan Chief 2

This clan combo is deadly because the Awoken can support any plan the Spine Chief goes with. The Corruptor route gives offensive power to Awoken units, the Decayer route benefits from using Awoken starter cards as a consistent stream of Charged Echoes, and The Infector route synergizes with the Awoken’s bulky units which protect The Spine Chief and, when infused with Inspire, benefit from the Chief’s buffs.

This pair’s suite of buffs is amazing. Echo Infusion, Echo Transfer, and Sharpen can turn almost any unit into an unstoppable killing machine.

4. Awoken (Wyldenten) and the Stygian Guard

The best part of the Stygians is how well they synergize with constant spell casting. However, their creatures start out weak and are usually hungry for more draw power. Luckily, Wyldenten’s starter deck provides both unit buffs and more draw.

Best Clan Wyldenton

An Incant heavy deck is the best way to build these two. With the Thornlord upgrades, Wyldenten creates free spells to cast and gains Incant, becoming more powerful with each spell cast. Pair this with any creature that also has Incant and this deck will run away with games.

If you don’t get Thornlord, then Predator works just as well. This version of the build relies on the Incant creatures pulling more weight than previously. Just make sure you have a way to protect Wyldenten since he’ll only have 30 life.

3. Hellhorned (Horn Breaker Prince) and the Awoken

It’s the first combo you’ll get to play in Monster Train, but in later levels, it’s also one of the most reliable. Their gameplan is similar to Wyldenten and The Spine Chief – buff your multistrike champion and swing for the fences. The difference is how the Hellhorned can provide armor alongside the Awoken’s healing and buffs to keep your important units alive.

Best Monster Train Clan Combo Prince

Be aware that the Hornbreaker Prince is a glass cannon. The biggest question this deck needs to solve is how to keep him and your other damage units alive. Luckily, both the Awoken and Hellhorned have plenty of answers in both their spells and unit options. Steelworker (or a unit with its ability) can be left on the same floor as your damage units to give them armor each turn. The Awoken Hollow with healing spells can both protect your carry units and buff them.

2. Umbra (Primordium) and the Awoken

If the Awoken seem popular, it’s because their spells provide enough buffs to let most drafted units blast through bosses and enemy waves. This is a concept that makes clan combos with Primordium some of the best decks in Monster Train. The Awoken specifically allow Primodium to grab stacks of spikes, damage and health increases, and regeneration so he can repeatedly feed all of these buffs to a unit. This allows him to turn any unit into a world-ending monstrosity.

Best Monster Train Clan Combo Primordium

As long as Primodium is alive, the front unit can eat Primordium and gain its attack and health stats. The Umbra provide access to Divine Shield so you can better protect Primordium while this happens, and the Awoken offer ways to increase Primordium’s stats, which can be repeatedly passed on to an Umbra unit with Engorge or any of the beefy units in the Awoken.

1. Melting Remnant (Little Fade) and the Hellhorned

Speaking of Champions that make any combo work, Little Fade is the poster-child of that idea. Two of Little Fade’s upgrade routes are self-sufficient, requiring little to no help from the secondary clan to take over the game. As a result, you can pair any clan with Fade, and the strength of both the Remnant and Fade herself will make them one of the best clan combos in Monster Train.

Best Monster Train Clan Combo Fade

Little Fade’s strategy boils down to dying and trading as often as possible so she can grow strong enough to complete the run. This plan works with every clan, but the Hellhorned provide the most support for it. The Hellhorned have cards that can protect Fade after she gets strong enough and cards, like the imps, that can also benefit from dying and resurrecting.

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