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Sirens, in the world of the Borderlands games are powerful individuals who were born with or have inherited immense magical power and a killer sleeve of tattoos. Nobody knows exactly where their power comes from, but what is known is that only six sirens are able to exist in the universe at a time, and when a siren dies, their powers pass on to someone else. Here are all the known sirens in the Borderlands universe.

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1. Amara

Amara is a vigilante from the slums of Partali who, after inheriting her siren powers, fights between the desire to use her powers to nobly (and brutally) fight against oppression, and building her personal brand as a crime-fighter in order to become famous.


Amara summons six phantasmal arms that she can use to either grab opponents or slam the ground and knock opponents into the air. She can also create an astral projection of herself to fight opponents for her.

2. Angel

Angel first introduced herself to the Vault Hunters of the original Borderlands as an omniscient AI. However, in Borderlands 2, it is revealed that Angel is a Siren and the daughter of the head of Hyperion, Handsome Jack. After accidentally killing her mother, Jack hooked her up to the Hyperion network against her will, exploiting her siren powers to give her near total omniscience and using it to benefit his company.


Angel is able to manipulate technology with her mind, however she has been killed by Vault Hunters in order to stop the vault key from being repaired.

3. Asha

Asha settled in the town for Fyrestone under the alias of “Tate”. She worked for Marcus Kincaid and was tasked with the job of welcoming newcomers to the planet of Pandora with the help of Claptrap. She helped Lilith, Mordecai, Roland, and Brick collect a vault key fragment from a Rakk nest. After the events of the first Borderlands game she disappeared.


Asha is able to control and influence animals.

4. Ava

Ava Full

Ava is a headstrong, young impoverished girl who became the apprentice of the Siren Maya after getting caught trying to steal from her. She lived and trained with Maya on Athenas and after Maya’s death, Ava inherited her phaselocking ability.

5. Commandant Steele

Commandant Helga Steele is the leader of the Crimson Lance forces that occupy Pandora during the events of the first Borderlands. She attempts to claim the first vault on Pandora in the name of the Atlas Corporation but is instead killed by the monster that lives inside of it.


Her power is unknown, but she does use her powers to repair the vault key so that the vault may be opened. Impaled through the torso and dragged screaming into the vault by “The Destroyer”, she was then brought back to sentience as a claptrap only to be killed again by Vault Hunters.

6. Dido


Dido was the former Queen of Athenas and had a romantic relationship with the famous Vault Hunter Typhon DeLeon. It is theorized that Maya inherited her powers but that remain unproven, but given the timeline of her death, Maya, Steele, Amara, and Lilith are all good candidates.

7. Lilith

Lilith, AKA The “Firehawk” is a former Vault Hunter, leader of the Crimson Raiders, and one of the most powerful sirens due to being exposed to large about of Eridium after the death of The Destroyer.


Lilith is able to “Phasewalk” which is a power that both, turns her invisible, increases her speed and agility, as well as causes an explosion when she comes out of it. As she grows more powerful, her Phasewalk ability allows her to teleport herself and others across vast distances, including transporting an entire city out of harms way, and by the end of Borderlands 3 she is able to fly.

8. Maya

Maya is one of the only known Sirens who were identified as a Siren at birth. However, her powers were kept secret until adulthood where she was presented as a Goddess to her home planet. After learning that her image as a savior was being used to extort money and force obedience from her people, she killed the monks who had been manipulating her and escaped to Pandora. After the events of Borderlands 2 she returned to her home planet of Athenas as Protector.

Maya Full

Maya can lift opponents into the air and “phaselock” them in another dimension, holding them in place while exerting immense pressure and elemental damage on them.

9. Nyriad

Nyriad is a Siren who used her siren abilities to eradicate the Eridian People and used their combined life force to seal The Destroyer away on Pandora. When she determined that her powers were too dangerous, she locked herself in another vault to keep her powers from being inherited by any other siren upon her death.


Nyriad has the ability to harvest the life force of any living thing in order to make herself stronger, this also allows her to absorb the powers and special abilities that person had.

10. Patricia Tannis

Patricia Tannis is a leading expert on Eridian technology who originally worked for the Dahl Corporation. She befriended Vault Hunters and became a member of the Crimson Raiders despite crippling scopophobia. This can be attributed to her traumatizing experience of watching all of her coworkers be killed or eaten on Pandora. She inherited Angel’s Siren powers after her death.


Patricia is able to manipulate technology with her mind.

11. Tyreen & Troy Calypso

Tyreen and Troy Calypso are twins born with Nyriad’s Siren powers after their parents unknowingly opened the vault that Nyriad had sealed herself away in. They used their abilities to form a cult known as “The Children of the Vault” and used their influence to find more vaults throughout the universe.

Tyreen And Troy

Tyreen and Troy have the ability to harvest the life force of any living thing in order to make themselves stronger, this also allows them to absorb the powers and special abilities that person had as well. Over the course of their rule they absorb Lilith’s Phasewalking ability and Maya’s Phaselocking ability.

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