An Essential Rumbleverse Guide for Beginners

Rumbleverse Guide

The new battle royale game Rumbleverse has recently launched and players are loving the game’s unique twist to battle royale genre. It’s only been out for week but the competition is already getting tough. With our guide, knocking out the other brawlers in Rumbleverse won’t be a problem.

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Stats, Perks, and Inventory

Your brawler starts out with 1000 health and 100 stamina after being dropped off into Grapital City. Increase your health, stamina and attack damage by consuming specific protein powders to upgrade each stat.

Rumbleverse Base Stats

These protein powders can be found throughout the city in loot boxes, as floor loot or from certain vending machines.

  • Arms Powder (Red) – Increases attack damage
  • Core Powder (Green) – Increase health
  • Leg Powder (Yellow) – Increase stamina

You can consume upgrade powder up to ten times. Experiment with different stat builds to see what works best for you.

A few ideas are to make an evenly distributed build by equally upgrading each stat. Go half and half with only two stats like five attack damage upgrades and five health upgrades. Deal absurd damage with a maxed out damage only build. Or become a seemingly unbeatable tank with a maxed out health build.

Rumbleverse Perks Upgrades

A neat trick is that you can throw the powder at nearby enemies to briefly stun them. It will only do 30 damage but if you’re quick enough you can land an attack on them before they recover.

Your stamina is drained whenever you dodge, run, climb, charge an attack, use special moves, block attacks or receive fall damage. Blocking while not receiving any damage recharges your stamina faster.

There are currently 10 perks in Rumbleverse and each perk adds a useful bonus to your brawler. For example, the Nimble perk cuts the stamina cost of dodging by 50%. Perks can only earned by battling against enemies and successfully dealing damage.

You can only store a total of four items in your inventory so choose wisely what items you carry. Having at least three Chicken Wings to refill health is crucial. A Stamina Drink for faster stamina regeneration is a nice power-up to carry as well . Only small weapons can also be stored in your inventory such as bats and folding chairs.

Attacks and Special Moves

The brawls of Rumbleverse can be quite chaotic and literally off the wall. The attack priority system is how the game is able to maintain balance among all of the madness. Understanding this hierarchy of attack moves is very important. Here is the attack system from highest to lowest priority:

  1. Super
  2. Power
  3. Weapon
  4. Special Strike
  5. Basic Strike
  6. Special Vicious
  7. Basic Vicious

Depending on where an attack is on this list determines which attack moves can or cannot counter it. So, if you try to attack someone with a Special Strike move, then they can counter your attack if they use a Weapon, Power or Super move. But, you’ll win the exchange if they use any attack beneath the Special Strike.

Please note that a clash will occur when two players use an attack of the same priority against each other, resulting in both of their moves getting cancelled out.


Basic Strikes and Basic Vicious (unblockable grapple) are the normal attacks you use can anytime. A charged up Vicious will perform a lunging bodyslam instead of a grapple. When knocked down use Basic Strike or Basic Vicious to get up with a sweeping punch or a powerful jab, respectively.

You can equip two Special moves by reading wrestling technique books. Find any Special moves as soon as you land into Grapital City because getting caught without any is a big disadvantage. Therefore, landing down near crates is essential.

Ideally, have a combination of a Special Strike and a Special Vicious special moves. Different colors of books contain different quality moves:

  • Green Skill books – Common Special moves (low tier priority)
  • Blue Skill books – Rare Special moves (mid tier priority)
  • Purple Skill books – Epic Special moves (high tier priority)

Weapons can be found everywhere in the game. Their attacks are very powerful but can only used a limited amount of times. Use bats, folding chairs, and wooden sticks to turn a fight into your favor. Certain weapons have chargeable Vicious attacks that deal devastating, unblockable damage.

At the very top is of this hierarchy is the Super move, the most powerful attack in the game. It can only be used while in Superstar mode which requires a full Super meter that is charged up by collecting blue stars and damaging enemies. This attack cannot be blocked and counters every attack so the only option is to evade it at all costs. If you’ve been downed you can revive yourself using a fully charged Super meter.

Strategies and Utilizing the Environment

Properly using the environment is without the doubt one of the most important strategies to play by. So much about Rumbleverse rewards players who creatively utilize the environment to maximize their brawling skills.

Rumbleverse Rooftop

It can be as simple as lurking on top of buildings as you wait for unsuspecting players to drop down on. Even a simple elbow drop can be a one-hit knock out from the right altitude. Jump while climbing when you need to climb up anything in a hurry.

Keep a lookout for any pieces of environment you can bounce on like cars, random furniture, and bounce pads. Any additional elevation for extra bodyslam damage is always a plus. And it can be a useful way to escape a fight.

Throwing weapons can be very effective to stun opponents for follow-up attacks. Or to keep a distance between you and them until you feel ready for close combat. Mailboxes, street signs, trash cans and even loot boxes can also be used as weapons.

The reach of a dashing jumpkick is farther than it seems. Use it to knock down an opponent trying to run away.

An essential strategy is to bait your opponent’s attacks to create an opening and deal damage. For this to consistently work, you’ll need to be familiar with all of the attacks moves, their attack range and how long it takes to recover.

For instance, blocking every hit from an enemy’s three punch combo or any other strike attack leaves them vulnerable. A missed Vicious attack leaves someone wide open with plenty of time to follow-up for high damage.

Overall, the main factor to getting better is to just keep playing the game and gain more experience. Rumbleverse is still a very new game. Its only been out for a few days so some mechanics and gameplay tips are bound to change as new updates come out.

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