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Almost all of the units in Monster Train are capable of giving you a successful run through the game. After all, the best unit will change from game to game based on what you have in your deck. With the right support, the right units will become strong enough to carry your entire run.

The key to clearing your path to the true final boss, Last Divinity, is to focus on those few units and their support pieces. Keep an eye out for these run-defining units and how to support them enough to reach the Last Divinity.

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1. The Sirens

The easiest units to use are the two sirens – Siren of the Sea and Nameless Siren. Both of them have the capability to scale well into the late-game, with Siren of the Sea being the easier of the two to build with since she can keep herself alive with buffs.

Nameless Siren, on the other hand, will need help to stay alive through upgrades like the Runestone for its incant-based armor.

Best Monster Train Units Sirens

The Sirens need three things to properly carry a run: cheap spells, plenty of draw to keep casting those spells, and the frenzy stone. Offering Token is perfect for this strategy since it costs nothing, draws a card, and it helps you dig through your deck extremely quickly. Frenzystone is necessary to make sure the sirens’ damage is scaling enough to keep up with the enemy waves.

2. Legion of Wax

Legion of Wax’s two-cost and four-space requirement makes it expensive to summon. But once its out, Legion will fill the floor with beefy minions that can mulch through most enemies.

There are a few different directions you can build with Legion of Wax. First, if you are in a position to hunt for artifacts, finding Waxer Snuffer or Resin Block along with some cards with reform will allow you to repeatedly buff and revive Legion to game ending levels. This can help clear floors without too much of an investment from your deck.

Best Monster Train Units Legion

Second, buffs to Legion will carryover to its children, so getting plenty of buff spells, Frenzystone, or a useful infusion like Entombed Explosive is necessary to turn it into a run-carrying monster. Out of those, Frenzystone is the best choice since multistrike on your small army of wax demons will go a long way in your run.

3. Bounty Stalker

On the note of amazing Remnant cards, Bounty Stalker needs a mention here. While it starts off pretty weak, if you get Bounty Stalker early in the run and keep getting it killed, the Stalker will grow strong enough to easily carry your entire run.

Best Monster Train Units Stalker

The hardest part to using Bounty Stalker is getting it killed enough times to turn it into a run-ending monster then keeping it alive to deal damage. Intent on Death is an easy way to repeatedly trigger its effect without it dying. Otherwise, cards with reform or an endless stone will repeatedly bring Stalker back after it dies.

After Bounty Stalker hits run-ending power levels, you still need to be careful with where you place it since its health will remain the same. This makes challenges where the enemy has spikes especially problematic since Bounty Stalker risks killing itself. Hiding it behind a larger unit to absorb attacks or using protection spells will be necessary to keep it safe.

4. Apex Imp

If you’re in a Hellhorned run, there is a good chance that you’re already running ways to gain armor. The Apex Imp is the best unit in Monster Train to help convert that armor into run-carrying damage. All you have to do is give the Apex Imp multistrike, then load as much armor and rage as possible onto it. At that point, it should blend through any enemies the game throws at you.

Best Monster Train Units Apex

One of the best parts about this imp is how easily it fits into most Hellhorned combinations. Other factions will either have useful armor-granting units like Guard of the Unnamed or multistrike units like Animus of Will.

Within the Hellhorned faction, Steelworker and Welder Helper are amazing units to use with and infuse into the Apex Imp since more armor means better survivability and more damage. Speaking of Animus of Will….

5. Animus of Will

The Animus of Will is an awesome card because it comes with built-in multistrike. The only thing it’s missing is more attack power and a way to keep it alive. Both of these problems are fixed by infusing the Animus with any unit that gives her a way to buff herself like the Slay, Resolve, or Incant keywords.

Best Monster Train Units Animus 1

The Animus’ low requirements for building also make her a great card to see in most points of a run. If you’ve already built a carry but need multistrike for more damage, then infuse her into the unit you’ve already built. Cards like the Sirens or Bounty Stalker can use their self-buffs to cancel out the -15 attack from the Animus. If it’s still early in the run and you need a carry, then Animus of Will is a wonderful choice.

6. Morsel-Made

Morsel cards are some of the most fun and flavorful units to complete Monster Train with. Sadly, they also have a pile of weaknesses that need to be sorted out, like how fragile they are and how long it takes them to buff a unit. Against the Last Divinity, this strategy suffers more since every floor seems catered to make a morsel-heavy build suffer.

Best Monster Train Units Morsel Made

Thankfully, if you find Morsel-Made then a majority of those weaknesses are immediately solved. The only problems you have to worry about is how to draw and create more morsels, how to keep Morsel-Made alive, and how to upgrade its damage so its high enough to steamroll through the Last Divinity. To do this, find ways to give it multistrike like the Frenzystone or give it Trample to ensure both high damage and the ability to clear waves of enemies.

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