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Find your place in the Lost Ark multiverse.

Best Lost Ark Servers Featured

Once you pick a Lost Ark server, you can’t move your character to another, so it’s not a choice to be taken lightly! Some free sites let you check your ping to any Amazon Web Services server, including Lost Ark’s ones. This way, you’ll get a good idea of the best choices for your location.

Of course, there are other factors you want to consider. Servers are divided into three categories: low-population, medium-population, and high-population. The higher the population, the more guilds will be available. Yet, a high population often comes with the cost of long queues.

You can check the status of each server on Lost Ark’s official site. Servers marked as “Good” should be fine. If you choose the “Busy” ones, instead, you could experience a long wait before being able to log in.

Here are the seven most popular Lost Ark servers, ranked from the best to the worst.

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1. Una

Region: North America East

Una is a medium-population server. Long story short, it’s the perfect balance between queue times and community fun. On Discord, there are many PvE and PvX communities for this Northeast American server.

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Una has many advantages over a higher-population server. You can make the most out of your life skills since there is much less competition. Also, a less-populated server tends to have a better performance. This way, you’ll experience fewer lag issues.

The most popular classes on Una are Sorceress and Berseker. There is also a fair share of Paladins and Deathblades. English is the most common language, but there are also Portuguese speakers.

2. Azena

Region: North America East

Azena is the official PvP server for the Northeast American region. We know that PvP is cross-server. Still, on Azena you’ll find most communities and guilds dedicated to this gaming style. Plus, this is the server where official PvP events take place.

So, why is it not number one on our list? Because it’s the busiest server in the region, which means long queue times.

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With so many players, there is high competition. There are always expert players on Azena, so it’s a great place if you want to test your skills. According to the Lost Ark Official Forum, most big streamers, including Asmongold, play on Azena.

3. Regulus

Region: North America East

Regulus is the second most populated server after Azena. It’s also the choice of many streamers. For example, according to Reddit user Galactic Danger, Legacy Gaming went there with a guild of 1000 people.

If streamers choose Regulus, it can’t be bad, right? Yes, but streamers tend to bring their huge fandom on the server of their choice. This means extra queue time.

Lost Ark 4 (1)

The bright side is that Regulus has a vibrant community. You can find guilds that suit most gaming styles, from laid-back to hardcore. There are both PvX and PvE communities to play with.

This server has a large Spanish-speaking community, but most of the players speak English.

4. Galatur

Region: North America East

Galatur is famous for being the main Lost Ark home of the popular streamer Asmongold. Despite the huge fandom the streamer brought to the server, most players report shorter queues on Galatur in comparison with Azena and Regulus.

Last February, Galatur went down for unplanned maintenance. The issue caused missing quests and items for over 17,000 players. Luckily, the game’s support staff fixed things promptly, and all gamers affected got a free Founder’s Pack as compensation. The server is fine now.

Lost Ark 5 (1)

What brings value to Galatur are the small communities like Coolkidsclub and Iron Tyrants, with lots of guild leaders to join and a very supportive environment. With just a quick Discord search, you’ll find hundreds of groups playing Lost Ark on this server. There is also a Spanish-speaking minority of users.

5. Mari

Region: North America West

Mari is one of the most populated servers in Northwest America. Yet you won’t find the same huge population here as on Azena and Regulus. The reason is that most of the hype is on the Northeastern servers.

Many people would get better ping by joining Northwestern servers, but decide to play on Azena or Galatur. The reason could be why it’s their favorite streamer’s choice. Or simply because Northeastern servers are more popular.

Lost Ark 6 (1)

Regardless of this, players are reporting huge queues on Mari. If you want a Northwestern server for better ping and can’t wait too long, you’re better off with low-pop options like Rohendel and Enviska.

On the bright side, there are so many guilds and communities on Mari that you’ll never run out of people to play with.

6. Bergstorm

Region: North America West

Bergstorm is one of the least populated servers in Northwest America. Short queue times, or no queue at all, really work in its favor. However, there are fewer communities and guilds in comparison with most other servers.

According to Reddit user FishermanYellow, Bergstorm has a minority of players from Australia and New Zealand. The NA West Bergstorm community on Discord has over 420 members. The community members have nicknames in a specific format: IGN Name / Class / iLvl.

Lost Ark 7 (1)

This Discord has over 15 guild masters you can join. The users share useful tips like game guides and maps to help you progress. From time to time, the community also offers merchant tracker notifications, which alert you when there are Wei cards or legendary rapport items.

7. Valtan

Region: North America West

Valtan is a Northwestern American server, but the queue times are almost as long as in Europe.

The reason is that Valtan is basically the unofficial server for Oceania, which has no dedicated servers and results in most users heading over to Valtan. Add your typical share of players from North America, and you can see why the queue becomes long.

Lost Ark Screeenshot 003 1920x1080 (1)

Another thing you want to consider is the time zone difference between you and players from Oceania. It’s possible that you won’t find many people to play with at the time you usually play.

Now, you know how to choose the best server for your needs. Why don’t you learn all about Lost Ark classes? Alternatively, discover the best MMORPG games around.

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