Best Roguelite Games Like Risk of Rain 2 You Can Play Now

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Risk of Rain 2 is one of the most popular roguelites on Steam, with 71,033 players at its peak. But once you’ve unlocked everything and lost count of the number of times you’ve defeated Mithrix and the Voidling, what else is there to do?

If you’re looking for that same adrenaline rush Risk of Rain 2 gives you, then give these games a try.

This list will be a mix of roguelite and non-roguelite games, but if you’re looking for more multiplayer roguelites like RoR2, then I recommend checking out this list instead.

1. Deep Rock Galactic

Platforms: PC, PS4/5, Xbox One

Risk of Rain 2 has an amazing multiplayer, but if you and three friends are looking for more games like it where you can hang out and play together, give Deep Rock Galactic a try. While it lacks RoR2’s roguelike mechanics, it has plenty of unlocks, stellar gunplay, and enough unique mechanics to keep everyone engaged.

Best Game Like Risk Of Rain Deep Rock Galactic

One such mechanic is how digging works. It feels similar to Minecraft in that there are cubes of dirt that make up the walls and floors. Dwarves can dig and manipulate these cubes in a way that helps their team with their pickaxes.

But at its core, Deep Rock Galactic is a horde survival shooter. Players must finish a series of objectives like delivering minerals or mining while a nearly endless tide of bugs assails your team. But the unique take on these missions is what makes Deep Rock shine. One mission could have players retrieve eggs and battle a massive boss. Another mission will have players gather minerals, but they first have to escort a massive drilldozer as it digs into the planet’s crust.

2. Gunfire Reborn

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (TBA), PS4/5 (TBA)

If you’re interested in a four-player roguelike with fantastic gunplay, Gunfire Reborn may be more to your speed. It has a randomized gun system that feels similar to Borderlands and its class and artifact system are similar to RoR2.

Best Game Like Risk Of Rain Gunfire Reborn

Its art style is also similar to RoR2 but it leans a little more into the cartoony side. This same artstyle is also what makes its weapons so memorable. Some will be a fantasy version of a sniper rifle or Iron Man’s gauntlets, others will be swords, and the funniest weapons come in the shape of adorable lizards that spew a hail of bullets before needing to be spanked to reload.

Gunfire Reborn also just released their first DLC called Visitors of the Spirit Realm. This new DLC has two new characters, four new weapons, and a new game mode, Bizarre Dream. In Bizarre Dream, players will get the option to buy items with set bonuses and also play through a more difficult fourth stage.

3. Earth Defense Force 5

Platforms: PC, PS4/5

Do you hate bugs with a passion? Do you love mowing down swarms with unrelenting gunfire? If you’ve answered yes, then Earth Defense Force 5 is the game you’re looking for.

Best Game Like Risk Of Rain Earth Defense Force

Be aware that you shouldn’t take this game too seriously. The dialogue and even some of the scenarios ooze a level of cheese that’s on par with old monster movies from the 50’s and 60’s. While this may be off-putting for some, it mostly comes off as endearing because of how much EDF5 pokes fun at its own ridiculous premise.

But that cheesiness also directs the player’s attention to how everything in EDF5 emphasizes having fun while shooting bugs. The low quality art and textures allows the game to fit more enemies on your screen. The roguelike mechanics of RoR2 are swapped out in exchange for more weapons and entertaining mechanics on your characters. There’s a level of ridiculousness in every part of this game that makes it a memorable experience.

4. Enter the Gungeon

Platforms: PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Enter the Gungeon is one of the best top-down shooter roguelikes you can play. Similar to other games like Risk of Rain 2, players can collect artifacts to buff their character during a run. But what makes Gungeon unique is how each gun has a unique way of shooting. One gun might fire an egg that explodes into more bullets, while another is just a watergun that does no damage but pushes enemies back.

Best Game Like Risk Of Rain Enter The Gungeon

This game also have a unique appeal to fans of difficult games. Its dodge mechanics are reminiscent of the Soulsborne series, where the invulnerability frames are front loaded, so players are encouraged to dodge through attacks for better positioning. Enemies will also attack in a fashion similar to traditional bullet hells, filling the screen with bright luminescent patterns that force the player to weave through each intricate wave of bullets.

Players looking for a coop experience will find one in the Gungeon as well, however, it only supports two local players – no online play is available.

5. Ziggurat 2

Platforms: PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Fans of RoR2’s who want to enjoy some good single-player roguelite content should try Ziggurat 2. It’s a first-person roguelite shooter where going fast and getting powerful are the keywords in each run. There’s no multiplayer, but players are able to compare their runs to a global scoreboard.

Ziggurat 2

Ziggurat 2 has homages to the old Quake and Unreal games in terms of speed and juggling weapons. Players get access to four different weapon types – spells, staffs, alchemy, and wand magic. Each one will have a weapon associated with it and its own ammo pool. The only exception is your wand, which has infinite and replenishing ammo.

Slaying enemies is a satisfying experience because each one is like a pinata stuffed with shiny goodies. However, when those items hit the ground there will only be there for a short time before disappearing. As a result, zooming around rooms and annihilating your foes while collecting all their goodies is an integral part to Ziggurat’s gameplay.

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