7 of the Best Easter Eggs Found in Video Games

Ogre Statue In Hock's Vault

Even though Easter time is over, you can still find Easter eggs… in your video games! Here are seven Easter eggs that are too great not to mention.

If you are a gamer, you have no doubt come across an Easter egg or two in your time – not a literal Easter Egg (most times), but a little hidden item or message intended to give a little nudge and a wink to the player.

These Easter eggs rarely have an impact on the game itself. However, it gives us as gamers a little laugh, as well as adds a personal touch from the game developer.

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7. Grand Theft Auto V – Thelma and Louise Scene

Location: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, between 19:00 and 20:00 in the game, they will witness the famous scene themselves. 

Gta Thelma And Louise Scene

Grand Theft Auto V is filled with Easter eggs (from Bigfoot to James Bond’s Aston Martin), but one Easter egg that you could’ve easily missed is the sight of Thelma and Louise driving off a cliff. Thelma and Louise is a classic film from 1991 about two women that go on a crime spree that ends with them driving off the cliff into the Grand Canyon. What’s better is that you can hop in the car and join them!

6. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos – Lines from Star Wars

Although this one is a bit of an ‘oldie’, Warcraft III can still have you glued to your PC. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will have noticed a few of the units say famous lines from the Star Wars films.

Warcraft 3

To name a few:

Gyrocopter – “They came from behind!” (Rebel Alliance fighter Pilot trying to blow up the Death Star)

Acolyte – “Thy bidding, master?” (Darth Vader)

Gryphon Rider – “Judge me by my size, do you?” (Yoda’s line from The Empire Strikes Back)

The characters also make numerous other movie and pop-culture references.

Human Alliance Peasant – “D’oh!” (famously uttered by Homer of The Simpsons.)

Priest – “I have been chosen by the big metal hand in the sky!” (A reference to Toy Story)

Sorceress – “Click me baby, one more time.” (Lyrics to the Britney Spears song “Baby One More Time”)

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The dying tree in Whiterun

Location: Whiterun

Gildergreen Whiterun Skyrim
The Gildergreen Tree

In Skyrim, there is a city called Whiterun that looks a lot like the city of Edoras in Rohan from The Lord of the Rings, but the ancient dying tree at its center is clearly inspired by the White Tree of Gondor in Minas Tirith. To restore this tree, all you have to do is retrieve the Eldergleam Sap and return it to Danica Pure-Spring, in the “Blessing of Nature” quest. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for an heir to return to the throne.

4. The Sims 4 – Books with comedic names referencing actual books

When purchasing books in Sims 4, you might come across some titles that ring a bell.

Sims 4 Books

Darley Porter and the Basement of Shadows: This book is an obvious poke at Harry Potter; it includes character names mimicking those of the actual book (Darley Porter, Harmony Ginger, and Rowan Measley)

The Lord of the Swings: Unlike the actual book, The Lord of the Rings, the protagonist has to destroy a swing – this sounds more taxing than destroying a little ring.

Game of Groans: Quite like Game of Thrones, this rendition explores the power struggles of controlling kingdoms. With some interesting creatures and constant plot twists, you can understand why the characters would groan.

The Bladder Games: With a plot involving a mansion and no toilet, this book would give The Hunger Games a run for its money!

3. Dragon Age Inquisition – Alien head on the wall

Location: Trophy room in a castle in Thedas

With a setting that includes old castles and horse carriages, a player would not expect to see an alien’s head mounted on the wall in the Trophy Room. But if you’ve played developer Bioware’s sci-fi space opera Mass Effect, you’ll quickly recognize a certain mounted alien head as belonging to a Krogan!

Krogen Head Dragon Age Inquisition
Krogan Head mounted on the wall

Perhaps Time Travel exists, and someone from the future is having some fun by switching items between two timelines. Considering that Mass Effect is set in the year 2183, it is plausible.

2. Mass Effect 2 – The Ogre statue

Location: Donovan Hock’s vault

Dragon Age Ogre Statue
Ogre Statue in Hock’s Vault

BioWare strike again, but this time with a Dragon Age reference in Mass Effect 2. If you stroll through Donovan Hock’s vault, you will stumble across the statue of a fierce ogre from the first boss fight in Dragon Age: Origins. We know that Donovan is a collector of art; he has Michelangelo’s David and the head of the Statue of Liberty in his mansion but where could he have gotten the Ogre statue? Maybe he is the Time Traveller…

1. Grand Theft Auto Vice City – An Actual Egg

Location: News building on northwest side of the map.

GTA has so many brilliant Easter eggs that it would be a shame not to mention them again. However, this time we will consider one from Vice City. All the Easter eggs we have listed before have either been an item or verbal reference, but for our #1 spot, the Easter egg is a literal Easter egg.

Gta Vice City Literal Easter Egg 1

For no particular reason, the developers of GTA left an egg with the words “Happy Easter” in the top corner of the map, even though it has no significant meaning to the game. Thanks for the laughs, Rockstar. We can always count on you!

Although these Easter eggs are small and somewhat insignificant to the plot of the game, we absolutely love them. The next time you play these video games, be sure to look out for these fun Easter eggs and see if you can spot some more!

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Images credit: Mass Effect 2, Ogre Statue from Dragon Age in Donovan Hock’s Vault

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