Apex Legends: Best Moments from ALGS 2022


The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) 2022 has just ended and what a crazy set of games it was. We got to see fan-favorites from around the world compete on Apex’s biggest stage for a shot at half-a-million dollars. Over the four day period, we saw heart-pounding, final ring battles and an amazing display of top level, professional gameplay. While DarkZero eSports ultimately took the crown and the prize money, we wanted to highlight the best moments that happened during this legendary series.

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Furia Blasting Through Teams

Fans at this year’s ALGS loved watching Furia eSports and their top player, HisWattson. Their unorthodox team composition performed extremely well at the highest levels of competition, and their aggressive playstyle was a joy to watch. This particular moment showcases how well their team can control space and secure fights for themselves.

For context, usually, ALGS games are much slower than your usual ranked or casual Apex Legends games. Teams will jockey for better positions and then hold those positions from everyone else. The best team composition for that (and the meta Legend choices) are Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Caustic.

As a result, when Furia openly defies the meta’s passive nature and plays legends other than the “optimized” choices, it’s not only fascinating to watch, but also extremely entertaining. Instead of watching teams sit back and poke one another, Furia’s audience was treated to nonstop action.

YukaF is Really Good At This Game

At ALGS, FNATIC’s YukaF showed off why he is one of the best Apex Legends players in the world. To start with, he demonstrated the most technical and smoothest movement out of all the players.

For a bit of context, that movement is called a “wall bounce” and while some pros will do this during practice, it’s difficult to find time to perform it during a fight. YukaF not only pulls it off on a slanted surface (which makes it harder to execute) during a fight, but he does it to land devastating Peacekeeper shots and escape before taking too much damage.

Later in the tournament, YukaF lands this ridiculous Sentinel shot.

That combination of lethal precision and ridiculous movement came together in a final ring fight where YukaF annihilated the remaining players with a Peacekeeper. FNATIC would finish the series in 4th place and with performances like this, it’s no wonder why they did so well.

GMT RamBeau is a Clutch Player

Several teams were missing players due to COVID or other extraneous reasons. GMT’s Max-Strafe was unable to attend ALGS due to the war in his home country of Ukraine. This meant GMT had to put in their sub, RamBeau.

RamBeau quickly showed why he is a top level player. He was able to stall out a final ring fight between C9 and NRG, and in those final moments, his quick thinking was the difference between elimination and a win for GMT.

Later in the series, RamBeau would be the sole survivor of GMT. In one of the funniest moments at ALGS, he hid in a corner in plain sight of another team. This is also when the main stream switched to RamBeau’s point of view. What followed was a hilarious moment where Rambeau just crept along the wall while RC and 100Thieves fought to the death just below him.

GMT Was An Entire Vibe

Speaking of GMT, they were an extremely fun group to watch during this tournament. Whether they were fragging out or just holding a spot, GMT would take some time to build up their morale or just be ridiculous for hilarity’s sake. These moments made them seem like three guys who were legitimately just having fun at a high stakes tournament.

Later on, the commentators decided to listen in to GMT’s comms and caught them in one such moment of hyping themselves up. Once that happened, GMT took that moment to energized the crowd along with themselves, and the results were priceless.

The Crowd Cheers For Pulverex

Pulverex was reduced to a duo after their third player, Saku, and their coach tested positive for COVID. Pulverex would be sent to the Loser’s Bracket on the first day since they were regularly outgunned by the other three-man teams.

Despite that setback, this team lived out a modern day Cinderella story. They finished in the top three remaining teams in two different games, scoring enough points to get an overall top 10 spot and advance to the next round. That moment when they scored enough points to qualify was electric – the crowd went crazy.

The next round of Loser’s Bracket matches were less kind to Pulverex. Many of the teams that were just knocked into Loser’s Bracket would prove to be too much of a challenge and these underdogs were ultimately eliminated.

While Pulverex may not have won ALGS, their perseverance in the face of so much adversity won the hearts of fans everywhere.

ImperialHal’s Incredible Sportsmanship

During game two of Loser’s Bracket’s second round, some teams became victims of random disconnections. One of those teams was Scarz when RPR disconnected from the game, leaving Mande and Taisheen to play as a duo.

ImperialHal from TSM has a reputation for angrily swearing at his teammates and bluntly calling bullshit where he sees it. Yet, despite his rancorous demeanor at times, when he saw a disconnected player Hal chose to leave them be. TSM would finish that game in second to last place with zero points earned. But that display of sportsmanship is worth far more to the competitive integrity of ALGS than the points TSM would have gotten from killing a disconnected player.

Taisheen and Mande – The Deadly Duo

In that same game where Hal showed so much sportsmanship, the remaining duo from Scarz performed ridiculously well.

Mande and Taisheen would perfectly third party a fight between Reject and AYM Esports. Out of the six opposing players in that fight, SCARZ would secure four kills for themselves and a sixth-place finish

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