Amazing Multiplayer Roguelikes Games to Play With Friends

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Titles like Hades and Slay the Spire have become strong examples for the roguelike genre in recent times and have ushered in a new wave of fans. But these games also have a strong tendency to stick within the realms of single-player adventures. So what do roguelike fans do when they want to play multiplayer with their friends?

We’ve scoured through countless titles to create this list of the best multiplayer roguelike experiences.

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1. Roboquest

Number of Players: 2

Split Screen/Shared Screen: None

Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X/S (Available on Game Pass)

Roboquest is one of the best picks for players looking for an FPS roguelike with a good multiplayer. You and a friend will play as two bro-bots that have to shoot their way through several different levels infested with hostile robots.


Each run will give you randomized guns, buffs, challenge rooms, and bosses. The guns are hilarious to use since they mimic Borderlands’ weapon system with prefixes and affixes that change how the entire gun works (and a comic book aesthetic too). This way, even if you find the same gun, it’ll play differently than every other time you’ve found it.

Besides its comic book style, Roboquest also stands out through its silky smooth movement system. Sliding and hopping are similar to Apex Legends in that you’ll conserve momentum as you slide. However, there is no internal cooldown between slides, allowing players to fly through entire levels at high speeds.

2. Astral Ascent

Number of Players: 2

Split Screen/Shared Screen: Yes

Platforms: PC, Switch (TBA), PS4 (TBA), Xbox Series X/S (TBA)

Astral Ascent is a side-scrolling action RPG that has colorful visuals, well-polished controls, and incredible pixel art.

Moving around in Astral Ascent feels similar to a more responsive version of the Megaman X games. Characters can dash, wall jump, double jump, and refresh their air actions by hitting enemies.

Best Multiplayer Roguelike Astral Ascent

Alongside its combat, the spellcasting system is a fantastic twist to the the side scrolling combat formula. Characters have four slots for spells and consume energy when they cast. Energy is replenished from attacking enemies and, once a spell is cast, it’ll be replaced by the next spell in the queue.

Spells also have empty slots to equip passive abilities so they’ll gain additional effects as the run goes on. When all of these mechanics are put together, players are treated to fluid combat system that seamlessly weaves spell-slinging, dodging, and acrobatic, close-range attacks.

3. Synthetik: Ultimate

Number of players: 2

Split Screen/Shared Screen: None

Platforms: PC, Switch, Xbox Series X/S

Synthetik is a fantastic top-down, arcade shooter that rewards accuracy and precise teamwork. Be aware that the controls may need to be adjusted to be comfortable for each person.


There are eight classes that have different abilities and synergies between them. Each one is a joy to play and has novel solutions for the many challenges that are thrown your way. Hordes of enemies could be scythed down by the sheer firepower from the Heavy Gunner or carefully blasted apart by the Demolition Expert’s many explosives.

Compared to other shooters, Synthetik’s shooting can seem a little complicated at first, but when taken together, these systems create a rich multiplayer experience. Reloading requires a timing minigame to get additional damage. Shooting for prolonged periods will increase your heat, which will hurt you when overfilled, and your gun has a chance of randomly jamming. In multiplayer, these mechanics encourage you and your teammate to help cover one another.

4. Wizard of Legend

Number of players: 2

Split Screen/Shared Screen: Yes

Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox Series X/S

Have you ever wanted to be the Avatar from Avatar the Last Airbender? Wizard of Legend is a top-down action RPG that lets you and a friend live out your elemental kung-fu dreams.

Best Multiplayer Roguelike Wizard Of Legend

Each player will have five slots for spells. Of those five slots, you’ll start with a basic spell, a dash spell, and one signature spell. Your basic spell is a fast and repeatable attack that will help fill up a bar to empower your signature spell. Dash spells will add an attack or a special effect to your dash. Signature spells have two modes – a regular firing mode and an empowered mode where it has additional effects and does more damage. The final two slots are flexible and can be filled as you continue through a run.

5. Gunfire Reborn

Number of players: 4

Split Screen/Shared Screen: None

Platforms: PC, Switch (TBA 2022),  PS4 (TBA 2022), Xbox Series X/S (October 2022)

The multiplayer of this roguelike will have you and three friends play as small, adorable animals who are armed to the teeth. The ensuing flashy lights and chaotic firefights are already a great reason to play this game. However, those points belie just how creative the skills and weapons are in Gunfire.

Best Multiplayer Roguelike Gunfire Reborn

Weapons in this game bring a quirky, cartoonish level of mayhem. One teammate could be using a chameleon that vomits poison like a machine gun, while another could be unleashing lasers from a gauntlet that looks like it was forged by Tony Stark.

Runs in Gunfire Reborn will have players figuring out what combination of abilities and guns compliment each other. While your options will be randomized, all of the guns and skills have some form of gleeful chaos to them. Planning ways to nurture and unleash that chaos is what makes these runs so memorable.

6. Ember Knights

Number of players: 4

Split Screen/Shared Screen: Yes

Platforms: PC

Ember Knights is the closest anyone will ever get to a multiplayer version of Hades that still has its own roguelike personality. It’s an action RPG that gets players to battle their way through a multidimensional breach. It doesn’t share Hades’ exact isometric view, and instead opts for a more of a top-down view that lets both players keep an eye on the action.

Best Multiplayer Roguelike Ember Knights

While the controls are similar to Hades, Ember Knights replaces the special attack and cast buttons with special skills that you’ll acquire during a run. These skills will have multiple charges and recharge based on the number of enemies slain and attacks landed. These differences help bring out the steady flow of Ember Knight’s combat and make it feel more Souls-like.

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